26 Perfect Saturdays

26 Perfect Saturdays <p>When the weekend rolls around, it seems there&rsquo;s nothing to do&mdash;or too much to do. That&rsquo;s where we come in. We&rsquo;ve planned out <a href="../../../arts-and-entertainment/articles/entertainment-saturdays-0911/"><strong>a year&rsquo;s worth of memorable days</strong></a> &mdash;urban explorations, out-of-bounds adventures, and relaxed, cultural happenings of the very Seattle kind. Plus: On the 10th anniversary of the <span class="caps">WTO</span> conference, the people most closely involved <a href="../../../issues/archives/articles/wto-tenth-anniversary-1109/"><strong>tell what really happened</strong></a>. And, <a href="issues/archives/articles/traffic-0911/"><strong>Beat the Traffic!</strong></a>. How to save time, money&mdash;and get where you&rsquo;re going on foot, by car, bike, train, or bus.</p>

In this issue:

Arts & Culture


A Diamond in the Rough

Documentarian Steve Cox profiles our first major MLB club in The Seattle Pilots: Short Flight into History.

10/23/2009 By Matthew Halverson

The Mudroom

The Perfect Party

This month’s party guests: Bart Smith, Billy Joel, Maurice Sendak, Christopher DeLaurenti, Tamara Murphy, Toby Cecchini, Lt. Ehren Watada, and Caryl Turner.


Back Fence

They’ll Always Be With Us…

A year ago this month the Nickelsville homeless encampment, an itinerant community of some 90 individuals, asked to live for three months in the parking lot of University Congregational United Church of Christl, which led to this baffliing question: How c

10/21/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Nate Expectations

Seattle hasn’t seen the end of basketball player Nate Robinson’s antics. Here’s what we can expect.

10/20/2009 By Matthew Halverson

On The Town

Bloody Good Music

England’s macabre trio The Tiger Lilies brings their melancholy melodies to the Moore Theatre.

10/19/2009 By Steve Wiecking

On the Town

Beautiful Creature Feature

Isabella Rosellini discusses her forays into Green Porno, a hilarious series of tongue-in-cheek, two-minute educational films for the Sundance Channel website.

10/19/2009 By Steve Wiecking


Checked Out

Seattle Public Library closed for a week this summer. Here’s why you should give a shhhh.



26 Perfect Saturdays

It’s not just you: Everybody’s working for the weekend. Yet when Saturday finally rolls around, it seems as though there’s nothing to do—or too much to do. That’s where we come in. We’ve planned out a year’s worth

10/19/2009 With Steve Wiecking, James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, Christopher Werner, Karen Quinn, Rachel Solomon, Nick Feldman, Kristin Cordova, and Parisa Sadrzadeh By Laura Cassidy

Eat & Drink


Secret Service

Speakeasy-style bars Knee High, Bathtub Gin, and Tavern Law find hush-hush brings big buzz.

10/23/2009 By Jessica Voelker

Passing Through

Ruthie in Wonderland

The feast may be over, but Gourmet’s erstwhile chief Ruth Reichl will dish again.

10/20/2009 By Jessica Voelker


Chocolate for Dinner

Main course or dessert: When it comes to chocolate, Seattle’s eating it up. Plus, a recipe for savory chocolate corn tacos with pomegranate-tangerine pulled chicken from Theo Chocolate.

10/19/2009 By Jess Thomson


Crab Season

Six restaurants to satisfy your shellfish craving.



To Be or Not to Bistro

The Francophiles are storming new Ballard restaurant Bastille, but do they come for the food?

10/19/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Editor's Note


A Note from the Editor

10 Years After

10/20/2009 By Katherine Koberg

Home & Real Estate


Our House

Tara Graham bought architect Grace Schlitt’s home in Madrona, and found she fit right in.

10/20/2009 With Rachel Solomon



Letters to the Editor

Letters about previous articles from the Seattle metropolitan community.


News & City Life


Will Work for Quote

City councilmember Tim Burgess is proposing legislation to quiet Seattle’s most persistent penny petitioners.

10/21/2009 By Karen Quinn


The Secret Life of Trash

Lake Washington Girls Middle School student Naomi True had no idea that her science project would be used in Trash Track, the latest study to examine resource management and track the junk journey from dumpster to dump.

10/20/2009 By Rachel Solomon


Great Racers

Five of us met at 7:15 am on July 27, a steaming heat-wave morning. Our mission: to determine, not just how long it takes to make the same Eastside-to-downtown commute by various modes, but what pleasures, perils, stresses, and costs each one entails. We

10/20/2009 By Eric Scigliano, Rachel Solomon, Connor Guy, Kelly Miller, Orin O'Neill, and Richard Pauli


5 Days In Seattle that Shook The World

In the last days of November 1999, Seattle became the first American city to host a meeting of the World Trade Organization. As the event unfolded, thousands of protesters seized downtown, blocking the talks, and Seattle’s dreams of global glory dis

10/19/2009 By Alex Girma, Rachel Solomon, Connor Guy, and As told to Eric Scigliano

Style & Shopping


Dress Codes

Navigate November with watery earth tones and new neutrals.

10/23/2009 By Laura Cassidy


What’s Cooking?

Prepare for the holiday season with cookware from these kitchen shops.

10/20/2009 By Paul Fontana

Travel & Outdoors


I Said, Arrrruhhhooo!

Orcas in Puget Sound are shouting their conversations to be heard over the clamor of fishing boats and container ships. But there could be more at stake than just noisy underwater neighbors.

10/20/2009 By Karen Quinn

Travel Tips

How To Beat Seattle Traffic!

We sleep at home and work at the office. But we live on the road—in our cars and buses and trains, on our bikes or feet or scooters or skateboards. Read how you can beat the traffic, avoid it, or live with it—whatever you ride or drive.

10/19/2009 By Eric Scigliano and Connor Guy With Alex Girma and Rachel Solomon

Web Exclusives


Put a Brake on It

Seattle’s red light cameras.




Photos from Feast at the Market, the Alzheimer’s Association’s Seattle Memory Walk, An Evening of Wine, the Children’s Golf Classic, the 9th Annual Governors’ Cup Golf Tournament, Laugh Your Way to Giving, Lunch for the Cure, and Seattle University’


Web Exclusive

Sweet Dreams

Tempted by a city stay over? Scope out images of Seattle newest hotels.