Thirty cameras at 21 intersections where it really makes sense to mind the light.

Eastbound Roosevelt Way NE & NE 45th St
Eastbound NW Market St & 15th Ave NW *
Westbound NW Market St & 15th Ave NW *
Southbound 15th Ave NW & NW 80th St
Southbound Stone Way N & N 40th St
Northbound Aurora Ave N & NW 85th St
Eastbound NE 80th St & Fifth Ave NE
Eastbound NE 45th St & Union Bay Pl *
Westbound NE 45th St & Union Bay Pl *
Northbound NE 45th St & Union Bay Pl *

Southbound Sixth Ave & James St
Eastbound Fifth Ave & Spring St
Eastbound Denny Way & Fairview Ave
Westbound Denny Way & Fairview Ave
Northbound Broadway & Olive Way #
Eastbound E Olive Way & Broadway #
Southbound Broadway & Pine St* #
Southbound Boren Ave & James St
Southbound 23rd Ave E & E John St
Northbound Ninth Ave & James St #

Northbound Rainier Ave S & S Orcas St
Southbound Rainier Ave S & S Orcas St
Northbound 14th Ave S & S Cloverdale St
Eastbound S Cloverdale St & 14th Ave S
Westbound SW Avalon Way & 35th Ave SW
Southbound 35th Ave SW & SW Thistle St
Northbound Rainier Ave [email protected] S Massachusetts St
Westbound S McClellan St & Martin Luther King Jr. Way S

* Requested by citizens.
# Installed due to pedestrian injuries and significant red-light running.

SOURCE: Seattle Police


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