How to Pick the Best Restaurants

It’s very commendable that your reviewer (Best Restaurants, October 2009) rates restaurants on subjective standards such as “tastes good” and “soul.” One other test she might apply is, Is it consistently mobbed? Another is, Do the same customers come back time and time again?

I have frequented Il Terrazzo Carmine since it opened 25 years ago. I have always needed to make reservations. I have not once had anything but an excellent meal (something I cannot say about five of your reviewer’s top 10 choices). I believe I have eaten in almost every Italian restaurant in the Seattle area. Carmine’s is by far the best—best food, best service. I have also dined in 19 of your reviewers next 40. In seven of those cases, I won’t ever go back. I would be interested if your reviewer has ever eaten at Carmine’s. In case she plans to some day, I will advise Carmine he needs to work on his soul; his sole is already the best in town.
Ronald Neubauer
Madison Park

Read It and Weep

It was a true delight to read about your shopping experience at Vashon Bookshop, and I’m thrilled that we had a book for you (“ Ferried Away ,” October 2009). Thank you for your kind words about our bookshop and our wonderful island.
Karen Baringer
Owner, Vashon Bookshop
Vashon Island

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