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Bloody Good Music

By Steve Wiecking October 19, 2009 Published in the November 2009 issue of Seattle Met

THE TIGER LILLIES match the tragic fates of imprudent children and others to melodies that sound like the rattling remains of some wry Weimar Berlin floor show (“Snip Snip,” for instance, offers a cautionary tale for thumb suckers). Front man Martyn Jacques’s ghostly falsetto and grief-stricken accordion leads fellow mischievous mourners Adrian Huge (percussion) and Adrian Stout (theremin and saw) through a concert that features tunes from the group’s stage hit Shockheaded Peter and album The Gorey End, named after the late Edward Gorey—the whimsically gloomy author and illustrator with whom the cheeky Brit trio shares a sense that if life is a cabaret, well, then so is death.

Read more about the Tiger Lillies and watch a video for Snip, Snip HERE.

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