Buyers have to move exceptionally fast if they want land a property like this in Ravenna.

Virtual tours. All-cash offers. Waived inspections.

Buying a home in Seattle required some hasty decisions in 2020. Some properties lasted on the market about as long as a screen refresh. Aside from downtown, where condos sat empty for months, nearly every area of the city could qualify as "hot." But homes flew off the market the fastest in these neighborhoods, according to Redfin data.


In general, house hunting north of Lake Union meant entering a ridiculously competitive market. But homes in this swath of the city just beyond the U District and east of Roosevelt were the quickest to sell. It's not a new trend—buyers have snatched up properties here for multiple years—but prices were markedly higher in 2020. Living near a world-renowned university and multiple wondrous parks comes at a cost.

Average days on market: 7.5

Median sale price change, year-over-year: 17.4% ($957,000)

Homes sold change, year-over-year: 1.2%

West Seattle

To be clear: not the whole accidental island. But parts of the city's westernmost territory saw buyers undeterred by the West Seattle Bridge closure. In Roxhill, a southerly patch of Delridge, three-bedrooms could be had at a price with only one comma—no small feat in Seattle. In Seaview, along the Sound, prices were predictably higher, driven in part by a jump in sales. Junction-adjacent Genesee, right in the heart of West Seattle, was a middle ground for buyers.

Average days on market (Roxhill/Seaview/Genesee): 6.3/6.6/8.2

Median sale price change, year-over-year: 9.9% ($586,000)/13.6% ($827,500)/7.5% ($715,000)

Homes sold change, year-over-year: 3.1%/20.4%/6.1%

Demand rose for sea views in West Seattle.


Even with a price bump last year, this slice of the city is a bit less expensive than Ravenna, its neighbor to the west, and far less expensive than the Windermere-Laurelhurst corridor bordering it to the east. Much of what attracts home shoppers to Ravenna holds true here: proximity to a brainy section of the city and natural beauty.

Average days on market: 8.7

Median sale price change, year-over-year: 9.4% ($875,000)

Homes sold change, year-over-year: 3.1%

Phinney Ridge

Ballard sold more homes than nearly every other neighborhood in 2020, but right next door, houses in Phinney Ridge sold faster. It's easy to see why. Green Lake is a real estate bull's eye. Fremont and Wallingford's slew of shops and restaurants beckon nearby. And there's even a zoo.

Average days on market: 8.7

Median sale price change, year-over-year: 0% ($875,000)

Homes sold change, year-over-year: 18.8%

Phinney Ridge brings you right to Green Lake's edge.

Rainier Beach

Disclaimer: Plenty of communities saw houses come off the market quicker than this neighborhood. But how many could claim hikes in prices and homes sold as high as this one? That would be zero. Demand was off the charts in this southern stretch along Lake Washington. With that growth comes some consternation; this enclave wants to develop without displacing current residents as in other areas of Seattle.

Average days on market: 18.1

Median sale price change, year-over-year: 29% ($651,500)

Homes sold change, year-over-year: 48.2%