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Tenant, Interrupted

The side of the city you might only see if you rent.

05/22/2018 By James Ross Gardner

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Dubious Seattle Apartment Amenities

These perks are a little too extra.

05/22/2018 By Seattle Met Staff

Apartments so extra

A Glimpse into Seattle's Perk-Packed Rental Market

It would be easy to confuse Seattle’s newer crop of apartment complexes with posh hotels, between the expansive fitness centers and the manicured roof decks with panoramic views.

05/22/2018 By Cassie Sawyer Illustrations by Daniel Fishel

Real Estate 2016

How to Get the Apartment You Want

Arm yourself with these 5 expert tips before you embark on on your quest for the ideal apartment.

04/22/2016 By Darren Davis


How to Design a Studio Apartment

Some experts offer tips on how to make the most out of a small space.

12/15/2015 By Darren Davis

The C Is for Crank

The Pitchforks Come Out at aPodment Hearing

Neighborhood activists turn out in force at city hall this afternoon to oppose microhousing—small, affordable units with shared kitchens.

04/18/2013 By Erica C. Barnett


Digging Lake City

02/24/2010 By Dan Bertolet