Borrowed Time

Love Letters: SPL's Libby App Has a Hold on Me

The Libby app is low-key, free, and does more or less the same stuff as its predecessor. But Seattle Public Library's e-reader platform makes my life immeasurably better.

05/30/2023 By Allecia Vermillion

Road Rage

The Worst Drives in Washington State

Bad traffic, disappointing scenery, and dangerous highways: Our picks for the least attractive road trips in the state.

05/26/2023 By Allison Williams


What's New in the Shops at Seattle Met

Shop all the latest products from Seattle-area merchants and makers.

05/23/2023 By Zoe Sayler


All You Ever Wanted for a Summer Vacation

Sunscreen, UPF 50 golf shorts, some super cute baby sunglasses, and more from Seattle-area shops.

05/19/2023 By Zoe Sayler


Now's the Time to Rep the Seattle Storm

It's time for WNBA regular season games—and a whole lot of yellow and green.

05/17/2023 By Daniel Sheldon

Tacoma Aroma

Love Letter: The Muskoxen at Point Defiance Zoo Are Smelly and Steadfast

An ode to the muskox—hairy, smelly, and always there.

05/16/2023 By Eric Nusbaum

Seattle Weather Blog

Fall, Winter, Summer? Seattle Is Skipping Spring This Year

After one of the coldest Aprils on record, Seattle is welcoming another heat dome in May.

05/12/2023 By Justin Shaw


Climate Pledge Arena Concert and Event Guide

Blink-182, Sam Smith, Janet Jackson, Paramore, Drake, Rod Stewart, Death Cab for Cutie, Madonna, Aerosmith, Wu-Tang Clan, and more come to Seattle.

05/11/2023 By Seattle Met Staff


The One-Stop Shopping Destination That’s All About Local

The Shops at Seattle Met features the best boutiques, makers, and manufacturers in Washington state.

05/09/2023 By Spencer Brown, Taylor McKenzie Gerlach, and Zoe Sayler


Our Favorite Gifts for Teachers

What to get educators this Teacher Appreciation Week.

05/08/2023 By Zoe Sayler

Growing Pains?

The Seattle Kraken Are Not Normal

How do Seattle’s hockey darlings stack up against other local expansion teams?

05/08/2023 By Eric Nusbaum


What We're Gifting Dad on the Father of All Holidays

What to get for your Washington dad this Father's Day, from outdoorsy picks to essential tools for the grilling legend.

05/05/2023 By Zoe Sayler

Exhaust Yourself

Love Letters: Seattle's Gnarliest Hiking Trail Is Punishing and Beautiful

An ode to the Cable Line Trail in Issaquah, which is basically a Stairmaster that smells like the forest.

05/02/2023 By Allison Williams

City Connected

How Jarred Kelenic Connects with Seattle

We’re all just salmon swimming upstream, when you think about it.

05/01/2023 By Eric Nusbaum

Maternal Wisdom

What I Actually Want to Eat on Mother's Day

Because breakfast in bed is never quite as good as it seems.

04/27/2023 By Allecia Vermillion


23+ Great Gifts for the Class of 2023

Seattle gifts for grads moving out, going back to school, entering the workforce, and more, including customizable grad gifts and subscription boxes.

04/21/2023 By Zoe Sayler

Hockey Night in Kent

Seattle Thunderbirds Games Are Ridiculously Fun

The Kraken aren't the only playoff hockey team in Seattle. They may not be the most entertaining either.

04/17/2023 By Eric Nusbaum

Road Rules

Are You a Bad Seattle Driver?

Our reputation for being terrible on the road extends beyond our inability to complete a mere zipper merge.

04/10/2023 By Angela Cabotaje


Yes, You Can Bring Your Own Food to a Mariners Game

Save some money. Eat Salumi. Here are some nearby options for BYO ballpark food.

03/30/2023 By Allecia Vermillion

Hope Springs Eternal

Nobody Captures the Emotion of Opening Day Like This Mariners Fan

Nearly 20 years in, Alex Tuttle still writes his ritual opening day email.

03/30/2023 By Eric Nusbaum