Cafe Turko will dish up a family-style Turkish dinner on the eve of International Women's Day. 

Wed, Mar 6
Celebrate the Native Olympia Oyster
Washington boasts options aplenty for locally cultivated oysters—but just one of these shelled marine mollusks is native, and it needs our help. The Ostrea lurida, known to most as the Olympia oyster, is one of two dozen Pacific Northwest foods included in the Ark of Taste, a catalogue of at-risk foodstuff. This Wednesday night at Seattle Central College, Slow Food Seattle aims to use these tasty intertidal treasures (with dry riesling and cider to match) to enlist you in its conservation efforts. The educational evening of hors d'oeuvres is dually for enjoying and learning about this at-risk mollusk. Eat, drink, and listen to short presentations from local history and science writer David George Gordon and Puget Sound Restoration Fund deputy director Jodie Toft. Tickets are $40. 

Wed, Mar 6
ESP Gin Tiki Cocktail Clash
This Wednesday at Rumba, raise a paper umbrella-adorned glass to refined takes on the tawdry tiki drinks of yore. Competitors will shake or stir inventive gin-based tropical-themed drinks while attendees sip on cocktails. You'll find no cheap rum or thick, saccharine syrups here; expect spirits meant to be tasted and modifiers selected to enhance, not conceal, their flavors. Eight local competitors will compete for the ultimate prize from 2 to 5; $10 admission includes two drink tickets. And there's more: The clash is just one small part of Seattle Cocktail Week, an industry and general public event series that spans bars across the city.

Mar 6–27
Badass Women of Wine Month
Bar Ferdinand in Capitol Hill's Chophouse Row pours many a lovely glass of wine for the depth of flavor, surely, but also the depth of knowledge behind it. That's why the restaurant is celebrating badass wine and the equally badass women who craft them every Wednesday from 6 to 8. The schedule goes as follows: Megan Barone from Petit Monde (March 6), Ioana and Raphael of the Prince and the Bear (March 13), Laurie Brauss of Vin2U Wine (March 20), and Liz and Owen of Owen Kotler Selections pouring Ancarani with Rita Babini (March 27). Come as you are, wine connoisseurs and non, for a midweek tasting.

Thu, Mar 7
International Women’s Day Eve Dinner
It’s one thing to appreciate Turkish food's deliciousness, says Intentionalist founder Laura Clise, but it’s one better to appreciate the person who made it. In honor of International Women’s Day, the local organization is hosting a family-style meal prepared by Seattle's unofficial Turkish cuisine ambassador Sureyya Gokeri of Cafe Turko. The meal is intended to showcase the woman-powered, immigrant-owned business and to foster connections with Seattle's Muslim community. Come for the bright Mediterranean flavors, but stay for the people and stories behind them. The evening begins at 6:30 and costs $25 per head.

Fri, Mar 8
Sambusa Popup Shop
Sambusa, a Washington-based caterer and popup outfit, has twice won diners over with its Somali turnovers by the same name (sambusas are a savory, traditional Middle Eastern snack food, similar to the Southeast Asian samosa). This Friday at 4 in Elm Coffee Roasters, the local business returns for its third popup. Look for an only-in-the-PNW rendition of the classic dish, salmon sambusas, as well as the usual flavors.

Ticket Alert March 25: Karachi Cowboys Popup at Delancey
Long-time Delancey regulars Nasir Zubair and Kyle Johnson are stepping away from the dining table and into the kitchen. The duo will pop up inside the Ballard pizzeria to create a multicourse mashup of Indian-Pakistani food imbued with a little bit of Texan soul. Zubair grew up in the melting pot of Houston, Texas—"where you can find cowboys of all types enjoying Sunday supper in an Indian or Pakistani restaurant," says the event page. So, expect a likewise melting pot menu: papadam with a mint-jalapeno chutney, sweet potato samosa with tamarind barbecue chutney, smoked daal (lentils), mango coleslaw, garam masala–pickled beets, Bengali-style pickled cauliflower, and smoked beef rib. Dessert comes in the form of Frankie and Jo's vegan gingered golden milk ice cream and a cardamom macaron. Dinner starts at 6:30; tickets are $60 and likely going fast.

 Please send event details for consideration to noshplanner[at]seattlemet[dot]com. 

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