The pizza from Delancey is next level. This we've long known.

Image: Delancey

Long Live Avocado Toast!

Well, specifically the avocados upon said toast. Sharwil avocados from Hawai'i have shipped to the mainland after a ban imposed in 1992 due to fruit fly concerns, reports West Hawaii Today. Two Seattle produce companies have collected shipments of that green gold, that emerald gem, that $10 snack millennials just can't seem to live down. This news comes about two months after a grower's strike began in Mexico, straining avocado supplies in the U.S. 

Shift Change at Addo

Eric Rivera's multifaceted dining extravaganza in Ballard is growing. Not only is Rivera building upon an already impressive lineup of dinners—Vegas buffet–themed brunch through January, custom-made menu from categories like "Umami" and "2050s"—but he's building a bigger team, too. Chef Amy Beaumier is a new (and part-time, for now) Addo crew-member. Beaumier, if you recall, was the opening chef at Joli in Ballard, which debuted in the fall of 2017. She departed six months after its opening to take a break—now she's back in the kitchen with Rivera, who says he hopes to bring Beaumier to full-time hours soon.

Pizza on Podcasts

It's not unusual to hear people talking lovingly of pizza on food podcasts, of which there are many. It's not unusual in Seattle, either, to hear folks sing praises about their beloved pizzerias, of which there are also many. But a certain nonfood 'cast called The Watch, produced by LA-based The Ringer gave a Seattle favorite a shout-out on their year-in-review episode last week. At about the 47-minute mark, cohost Chris Ryan says, "My favorite food I ate at a restaurant, I guess, would be the pizza at Delancey in Seattle." Andy Greenwald, the show's other host, notes Ryan's gourmand ways (he was dining in London just a few weeks ago). "It was just fantastic," Ryan continues. "Sometimes pizza can be the platonic ideal of food and they're really on to something there." We strongly agree.

The Central District's Got Soul...Food

That Brown Girl Cooks' Kristi Brown and Damon Bomar, Brown's son, are turning their roving catering pop-up biz into a verifiable brick-and-mortar restaurant. Slated to open sometime this summer, per Capitol Hill Blog, the restaurant will call the new Liberty Bank Builing at 24th and Union home. Expect about 64 seats and a whole mess of what Brown calls "Seattle soul food."

Ginger Beer Goodbyes

After christening Portland with its array of tart, lemony ginger elixirs, Rachel's Ginger Beer closed its Portland location on December 31 after less than two years in business, reports Portland Monthly. The ginger-beer bar, across from the Bagdad Theater at 3646 SE Hawthorne Blvd is no more, but owner Rachel Marshall told PoMo, “We have a big project coming up in Seattle, and all the back and forth between here and Portland has stretched us too thin .... We have every intention of [re]opening down the road.”

This Week on Nosh Pit

So many new openings happened at the end of the year while you were sipping on eggnog and flubbing the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne. So we've put them in a neat list for you. You're welcome.

Georgian cheese bread, Russian dumplings, blini, blintz, borsch! Dacha Diner is open on Capitol Hill.

Salumi bakes cookies now. This is not a drill.

Chef Mutsuko Soma, already renown for her handmade soba noodles and restaurant Kamonegi—Seattle Met's Restaurant of Year, by the way—is opening another spot: sake bar Hannyatou, just two doors down in the former Lama G's Cafe.