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It's Been a Year: Seattle Restaurants That Closed in 2018

October was particularly brutal.

By Allecia Vermillion December 21, 2018

Petite Galerie, we hardly knew ye.

Obviously this list is in no way complete (RIP Catfish Corner, Cycene Kitchen, Skillet Ballard, the Chavez down by Pike Place Market), and the end of the year usually brings another rash of bad news. But here's a look back at the farewells we said in 2018.


Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen: The massive barbecue restaurant off Ballard Ave shut down its smoker shortly after the new year. Now, of course, it’s home to Sawyer.

MistralKitchen: Still wondering what's next for William Belickis.


Roux: Thank goodness his food truck, Where Ya At Matt, is still going strong, but we miss Matthew Lewis's sit-down spot in Fremont (now it's French-toned Le Coin).


'Table: Mark Fuller helped design the menu for this short-lived veggie burger spot.


Seven Beef: Eric Banh's Central District beefery became the more casual (equally meaty) Central Smoke in July.

Ada's Restaurant and Bar: Not a lot of clarity on this one, but Ada's Technical Books and cafe on Capitol Hill is going strong.


Stock: The low-key Ballard pho haunt that eschewed beef in favor of more sustainable duck, turkey, and chicken shuttered for the summer, but returned in the fall as a restaurant dedicated to baked potatoes.

Rain Shadow Meats Squared: At least we still have Melrose Market (and the new Salumi, which carries on the space's meaty legacy).

Phnom Penh: Chinatown–International District lost a gem of a restaurant due to a family emergency.


E. Smith Mercantile: Farewell world's most charming bar.

Radici: Now this Pioneer Square space is home to D&E.


Chinapie: I so wanted to live in a world where pizza and dumplings could successfully share a menu.

The Original Pagliacci: It's the end of an era (though pizza lives on at this address on the Ave).


Tentenyu: The Kyoto ramen chain's 2017 arrival in Seattle was a big deal.


Babirusa: It closed. It reopened. It shuttered again. All in the space of a year.  

Petite Galerie: Unabashedly upscale, Rob Sevcik’s restaurant in Madison Valley opened in January, then shuttered due to operational challenges and health issues.

By the Pound: It's a whole thing.

Chandler's Crabhouse: A 30-year run ends in South Lake Union.


Goldberg’s Famous Delicatessen: Seattle may be in the throes of a Jewish deli renaissance, but over on the Eastside, this 13-year favorite struggled with something all too familiar on this side of the lake—rent increases and parking issues. 

Petite Galette: Sara Naftaly’s sweet creperie counter had been open just 10 months. 

Sport Restaurant and Bar: After 13 years of fueling Seattle sports fans, John Howie’s spot down by the Space Needle said goodbye. Per the official announcement: “The increasing cost of doing business in the current environment has made it challenging for a restaurant of this size and price point to endure.”

St. Clouds: The Madrona mainstay’s new-ish owner succumbed, regretfully, to rising food and labor costs, plus the difficulty of finding kitchen staff.

Le Petit Cochon: This one hurt

The Saint: Apparently the new pink paint job wasn't enough. On the bright side: Dacha Diner should open in this wedge-shaped building any day now.


Brass Tacks: Eater Seattle noted Georgetown’s curiosity-bedecked cocktail bar (and brunch favorite) closed at the start of the month. Its adjacent sibling, Tu Cantinas, looks to be papered up as well. 


Naked City: Greenwood’s centerpiece brewpub announced just last week that Christmas Eve would be its final day.

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