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Already getting nostalgic.

Rain Shadow Meats founder Russell Flint sent word late Friday he's closing his butcher shop and restaurant in Pioneer Square. This news might prompt a heavy sigh of regret from anyone who frequents his charming old-brick quarters for steaks and sausage, or criminally underrated salads, sandwiches, and charcuterie plates.

Per Flint's email, the closure is a combo of increased rent and the surrounding construction putting a chokehold on parking and foot traffic. It's a problem he knows all too well from recent years at his original location in Melrose Market. Rain Shadow Meats Squared will be open as usual, with its full menu, through Friday, May 18.

Flint opened this sandwich shop and butchery in 2013, part of the much-chronicled resurgence of Pioneer Square. Now he plans to focus on his original location in Capitol Hill, and his original mission of full-service butchery. Flint's a Boat Street alum and a great cook (I still remember the pho he made for a food event years ago) and I will miss his choripan and porchetta sandwiches.

Rain Shadow also quietly began a home delivery service last year. (I was totally unaware until someone sent my husband some meat as a gift recently; coming home to see a box from Rain Shadow on your porch is a pretty great sensation.) Flint's plan: Build that business, and hopefully put more ribeyes, sausage, and bacon on people's doorsteps. Here's the info on delivery.

So, get thee to Rain Shadow Meats Squared in the next two weeks for one last meal; each day will bring a new combo of specials and classics from the RSM canon.

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