Together again...on Capitol Hill. Photo via Ma'ono's website.

The Ma’ono fried chicken sandwich—you know, that perfectly seasoned, spicy concoction on the oversize King’s Hawaiian bun—is coming to Capitol Hill. Specifically to Rachel’s Ginger Beer on 12th Ave. 

RGB founder Rachel Marshall says Ma’ono will take over the ginger beer bar’s inside walkup counter. The space is no stranger to fried bird on a bun; Monica Dimas’s Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches have called this counter home since RGB opened here in 2016. But Dimas says she’s streamlining her life a bit, especially after opening Little Neon Taco and Westman’s Bagel and Coffee this past year. 

Ma’ono has a similar counter inside the Rachel’s Ginger Beer at University Village. Owner Mark Fuller says the menu at the new outpost will be identical, save one additional menu item just for the Capitol Hill crowds: Loaded tater tots, piled with fried spam, cheese sauce, and scallions. Seems like a good, booze-soaking fit with the neighborhood.  

For a guy who established his career in fine dining, Fuller is really good at making pragmatic decisions feel fun (see also: his newer full-service spots, Supreme and New Luck Toy). Setting up shop inside readymade space, with a built-in customer base, helps the bottom line, he allows. But his sandwiches are destinationworthy in their own right, a labor-intensive sequence of both dry and buttermilk brines, Japanese-inflected seasoning, and a fiery lard paste reminiscent of Nashville-style hot chicken. Even the mild version is piquant; the extra-hot iteration has its own masochistic fan base.

Ma’ono Capitol Hill will open for business on November 2, Fuller's first foray into the neighborhood since doing the opening menu at the Rhino Room. Meanwhile Dimas says Sunset’s menu will live on at monthly Sunset Sunday popups at Little Neon Taco on First Hill. She’s also making her way through the permit and construction process for a Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwich location at Sea-Tac. 

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