Spice Waala's chicken tikka kathi rolls.

Chicken Tikka Kathi Roll from Spice Waala

At their roaming street food stand, a new favorite at the Saturday market in South Lake Union, husband and wife duo Uttam Mukherjee and Aakanksha Sinha dish out traditional Indian flavors inside kathi rolls. Each of the four varieties comes wrapped in warm roti and garnished with green chutney, a cilantro-mint sauce that delivers just the right amount of heat for cubes of slightly sweet chicken tikka. Come early to avoid leaving empty-handed and don’t miss the mango lassi, aka liquid gold. —Jaime Archer

Chocolate Tahini Babka from Babushka PNW

Whether by the slice or in glorious loaf form, a babka of deeply rich Theo chocolate swirled with tahini in a sweet, yeasted dough is a benevolent act of the gluten gods. Bakers Kendra Grieco and Alana Gidycz put a gently modern touch on the eastern European foods of their childhoods. Other eastern promises to love: frozen pelmeni, potato pierogi, cheese-filled dumplings to bring home by the two dozen from this SLU Market booth. —Rosin Saez

Comadre Panaderia's Incredible Sourdough

Mariela Camacho honed her skills at Amandine Bakeshop, but her monthly pop-up draws on Latin America’s rich pastry traditions. Pig-shaped puerquito cookies resemble gingerbread, but with mole spicing; cookie-topped brioche conchas are chewy happiness; canela rolls are rich with cinnamon, Mexican brown sugar, and dulce de leche. And yet it’s the memory of Camacho’s rounds of mesquite sourdough—with an aroma almost like raisins—that still makes me sigh with longing. Comadre usually surfaces at Amandine the last Sunday of the month, and elsewhere on occasion. —Allecia Vermillion

Southern Food for the Soul from Neema's Comfort

The husband and wife duo behind this roving food truck make stops all over town, but when they park their yellow wagon at Chuck’s Hop Shop in the Central District the taproom becomes a soul food joint. Brisket, ribs, and collard greens are delivered from truck to table. Another round of beer, anyone? —RS

Falling for White Wine

Latta Wines Roussanne Lawrence Vineyards Columbia Valley 2014 $30

With summer coming to an end, let’s ease into fall with a white wine that even staunch red wine loyalists will enjoy. Aromas of beeswax and apricot are followed by full-bodied, supremely textured fruit flavors that linger almost endlessly on the palate, making for one of the best Washington white wines I’ve ever had. Pair with an herby roasted chicken. —Sean P. Sullivan


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