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5 Pike Place Patios for a (Hopefully) Sunny Afternoon

At the market, alfresco dining too often means a stroll with street food in hand; take a seat at one of the many outdoor spaces.

By Stefan Milne June 19, 2018 Published in the July 2018 issue of Seattle Met

Judging tourists from above has never been easier thanks to Copacabana's patio perch.

Image: Amber Fouts


The large patio at this classic French spot places you between a small garden—tended by senior residents and supplying produce to the market’s senior center and food bank—and a stunning Puget Sound panorama. There’s nowhere better at whisking you from the market’s clamor into sanctuarylike quietude.

Place Pigalle

Next door to Maximilien, a very similar French spot offers a very different patio. Here, with the same Elliott Bay views, you dine above staircases leading to Western Ave and amid stray chatter and musical busking.

Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar

The best way to eat seafood is beachside, since it shears away needless pretense. But the odd little frill-free and rock-walled patio at the oyster bar opened by an eminent Seattle newspaper columnist—complete with blue-and-white checkered tablecloths—ain’t a bad place to remove reverence either.


The red chair–lined patio at this Bolivian joint perches you right above Pike Place and plugs you in to the market’s raw sensory hit, all sweeping horizons and crowded fish-flinging vim.

Pink Door

Views from this lattice-covered patio are given equally to the Sound and a mural of a man swinging wantonly on a chandelier. The Italian food here keeps it simple and seasonal but nothing pairs better with a negroni than the sunset.

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