Countdown to Cowabunga

Cowabunga Is Finally Here

The wait is over. A weekend of meat treats has arrived. But it's not all burgers and steak. Here are three things that aren't beef we're looking forward to.

By Nosh Pit Staff November 10, 2017

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Image: Cowabunga

Days until Cowabunga: zero. Before we pull up our stretchy pants in preparation for tacos, barbecue, and burger macarons, there are a few other notable—and non-meat—aspects of Cowabunga to look out for this weekend.


We are, first and foremost, bookworms and word nerds. Seattle Met's editor in chief James Gardner said it best in his note for our redesigned November issue: "We happen to stubbornly believe in the power and promise of print: the feel of paper between your fingers, the sense of something new to be discovered at the turn of every page, each curated by a team of writers and editors and designers whose singular goal is to deliver to you the best reading experience possible." And while he was speaking of our new magazine format, the sentiment surely extends to books, many of which you'll see at the festival. Namely, 100 Books for a Lifetime of Eating and Drinking compiled by the editors at Amazon. Baking, bitters, Modernist Cuisine's The Art and Science of Cooking; there'll be something to bury your nose in between bites of burgers.

Wine on wine on wine.

From syrah to merlot to rosé, Washington wines will be flowing throughout the weekend. Pairs well with brisket, jerky, and an entire festival dedicated to beef.

A battle for dessert dominance.

Saturday is for Seared and those with a sweet tooth. The American Classic Dessert Competition will host JuneBaby's Margaryta Karagodina, who will be making a peanut butter chocolate cake, Cubes Baking Company's Kevin Moulder whose brownie a la mode consists of a deep-fried Mexican chocolate brownie with tres leches cake and dulce de leche; and then then there's mini-mini salted caramel apple pies from Pie and an apple pie cheesecake from The Confectional's Paul Verano. May your pants have a forgiving elastic waistband. 

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