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Summer is coming. Image via Bottlehouse.

Frosé. Frozen rosé. It’s one of those goofy portmanteaus I should mock, one of those no-shit-Sherlock trends one might ordinarily bypass for something that looks less like a Barbie dream beverage. But eff it. It’s rosé, summer’s best beverage, made into something cold and slushy. Here's where to find it around town (okay, fine...mostly on Capitol Hill).

Revolution Wine

What began as a quiet rosé slushy on offer last summer became a beast with a life of its own: An urgent need for an extra freezer and the ceaseless whir of a blender punctuating the otherwise peaceful Pike/Pine wine bar and bottle shop. This year, Revolution's owners promise they have the program dialed in, from the freezing and blending process to hardcore blenders and three freezers dedicated to cubes of rosé. The owners' original version (cubes of rose ice, simple syrup, and the regular liquid rosé) pours year round and has since been joined by a pinot grigio version and a pina colada riff made with coconut and sauvignon blanc.


Madrona’s absurdly charming wine bar stays relentlessly abreast of wine trends (orange wine, Lillet obsessions of summer past). And, no surprise, Bottlehouse is going big on frosé this summer with its own recipe that starts with a properly dry rosé and adds in some citrus, a little sweetness, and proper slushification. This concoction is available as of June (aka now!) and are $1 off during happy hour. (You'll also find it at sibling cafe Mr. West downtown later this month.)

Dino's Tomato Pie

When your pizzeria has a '90s theme going, I guess investing in a set of slushy machines is a nod to authenticity rather than 2017-era drinking trends, right? Either way, Brandon Pettit's pizza tavern on Olive Way is using its new swirling duo to freeze up batches of rosé and  St. Germaine, summered up with some strawberry puree. The plan is to rotate other fruits into this recipe as summer wears on.

Nacho Borracho

If you prefer your summer drinks in a darker, dive-ish environment, Nacho has dedicated one machine from its hypnotically glowing lineup of slushy booze drinks to frosé. And I hear tell its sibling, Rachel's Ginger Beer, will class things up with a rose spritzer (rosé elderflower, aromatic bitters, over crushed ice) at its new U Village location.


Oooh, crossing frozen rosé with a paloma, that equally summery combo of grapefruit and tequila? Brilliant. Over on 19th Ave, Linda Derschang's midcentury-styled restaurant blends up tequila (Siete Leguas blanco), rosé, blood orange cordial, pamplemousse, and lime. Instagram suggests the results also happen to be beautiful...and I bet they taste even better out on that patio.

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