Street Treats

Pick a flavor (red velvet, cookie dough, toasted coconut) and two homespun cookies (snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, brown sugar). Voila: baseball-size custom ice cream sandwich. The walkup counter in the Central District fronts a busy production space, but seats can be had in the parklet down the street. 

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Sweet Bumpas

This ice cream cart appears at farmers markets to proffer the herbaceous talents of a former Poppy pastry chef, whose culinary bona fides come through in flavors like Moroccan honey or chipotle peanut butter. Ice cream names don’t get much better than Monkey Butt—a combo of banana and peanut butter crunch. 

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Peach Dreamsicle, Blackberry Vanilla, and Monkey Butt scoops from Sweet Bumpas.

Shug’s Soda Fountain

This retro-quaint ice cream parlor in Pike Place Market isn’t afraid to wield a small butane torch in the service of a good bruleed banana split. Lopez Island Creamery supplies the scoops, but the sundae menu is where the magic happens.

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Shug’s Dixie Split

Kurt Farm Shop

The seasons of Kurt Timmermeister’s Vashon Island dairy farm drive the bucolic flavors at his counter in Chophouse Row: salted plum, Sichuan peppercorn, and glorious ice cream versions of his famed Flora’s Cheese.

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Flora's Cheese, Salted Plum, and Mint flavor scoops from Kurt Farm Shop.

Frankie and Jo’s

Every last scoop, cookie crumble, and waffle cone at this Capitol Hill ice cream shop is vegan and gluten free. It’s also incredible. Classics include brown sugar vanilla and chocolate mint brownie, but most flavors—beet-strawberry-rose sorbet, gingered golden milk—promise adventure.

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Frankie & Jo's beet-strawberry-rose sorbet on top of gingered golden milk.

Central District Ice Cream Co.

Pizelle ice cream sandwiches! Unicorn-shaped macarons! Plus a case of rotating flavors with an Asian street food bent, like smoked sweet tea or pineapple li hing mui—stuff that begs to be held aloft in a waffle cone for maximum Instagrammage.

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Sweet Lo’s

Pints bearing owner Lauren Wilson’s cheery face are a staple in local markets like Ken’s, the Feed Store, and Home Remedy, but Sweet Lo’s new ice cream subscription club means monthly access to more whimsical flavors like Texas sheet cake or lime cheesecake. 

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What our favorite shops are scooping now...


Molly Moon’s
  • Big Seller Cookie dough
  • Summer Scoop Berry froyo
Full Tilt
  • Big Seller: The Chocolate to End All Chocolate (a collab with 107.7 The End to benefit Youth Care)
  • Summer Scoop: Fisher Scone: chunks of the iconic Puyallup Fair snack, plus raspberry jam
Cupcake Royale 
  • Big Seller: Salted caramel cupcake
  • Summer Scoop: Whatever wins the season’s people’s choice vote (sweet corn marionberry all the way)
  • Big Seller Coffee with housemade Oreo
  • Summer Scoop Mint stracciatella, made with Theo chocolate flecks and spearmint from Parfait’s own garden
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