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What We're Eating Now: June 2017

This month’s favorites: Persian stews, Thai noodles, and craveable, colorful health food.

By Allecia Vermillion and Kathryn Robinson May 22, 2017 Published in the June 2017 issue of Seattle Met

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The Buddha Bowl at Verjus.

Khoresht Gheymeh at Cherry Street Public House

Ali Ghambari gave Seattle its beloved Cherry Street Coffee House; now his barista champion daughter, Laila, has opened a sleek brunch, lunch, and dinner sibling in Pioneer Square. Waffles headline brunch service, but at dinner choose one of the exquisite Persian stews, like the tomato–split pea concoction lavished across tenderest marinated chicken and basmati rice and served with cool yogurt. —Kathryn Robinson

Buddha Bowl at Verjus

Brendan McGill (Hitchcock, Hitchcock Deli, Bruciato Pizza) is the busiest chef on Bainbridge Island—and at the pristine little Verjus, the healthiest. Spendy juice blends, fruit-nut butter tartines, even a halved coconut with a straw: legit raw-food nirvana or parody of itself? Either way, gobble the delectable Buddha Bowl, all fermented brown rice and lacinato kale, with a brilliant profusion of colorful raw vegetables and streaming with egg.  —KR

Salmon Salad at Bar Melusine’s Brunch

Endless lovely surfaces, petite plates, giant sunlit windows—the new brunch service at Renee Erickson’s Capitol Hill bar might be the most Instagrammable meal in town. Which is not to downplay the actual food: The house English muffin with pâtélike smoked salmon salad and briny pops of ikura lingers in the memory for days; the crisp, golden fries could easily elbow out hash browns as morning’s fried potato of record.  —Allecia Vermillion

Sen Noodle Bar’s Ba Mee Giow Muu Dang 

The owners of vegetarian Thai Jhanjay and Isan Pestle Rock added a casual noodle joint on Northwest Market Street where diners sit close together and inhale rich Southeast Asian noodle soups. If the build-your-own-adventure combinations seem daunting, head straight for this clear, porky broth full of leaner-than-usual barbecue pork atop egg noodles and a few of Sen’s excellent wontons.  —AV

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