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Citizen Cafe

What might be the most charming cafe in Lower Queen Anne serves its egg-filled tacos in pairs, intended to be consumed on a plate rather than on the go—but the place does plenty of takeout. Breakfast taco options include egg with spicy sausage or black beans; it’s a bummer you can’t mix and match, but the bacon, egg, and cheese tacos use full bacon strips rather than chopping them up, which is a nice touch. 

Jack’s BBQ

Not that anyone needed more reasons to love Georgetown’s house of bona fide barbecue, but on weekday mornings from 9 to 11, and at its new weekend brunch, Jack’s serves individual breakfast tacos made with brisket or the house sausage—a combo of beef belly and brisket that does for your mornings what singing cartoon animals do for Disney films. There’s also a meatless version that lets the fluffy eggs and seasoned potatoes shine and ample amounts of proudly plain coffee.

Baja Bistro

On Beacon Hill, a sun-painted wedge of a cafe serves trios of chorizo tacos with a filling that’s more about rough chunks of red potato than scrambled egg. Tacos aren’t spicy, exactly, but have a hospitable hum of warmth to them—which is also a good way to describe the service. Breakfast is available until 3pm.

Red Star Taco Bar

At this taco spot on Fremont’s main drag, the emphasis is most definitely on “bar,” and doors open daily at 11, too late for its breakfast tacos to serve as anyone’s actual breakfast. But the scrambled-egg-filled tacos (just one option on a mix-and-match lineup that includes buffalo chicken, adobo pork, and blackened rockfish) are worth seeking out later in the day…and well into the night. Your choice of bacon or chorizo is scrambled right in with the egg and topped with salsa verde and pico de gallo (no cheese unless you shell out 50 extra cents). The result is fresh and bright, but still feels like comfort food. Red Star makes its own corn tortillas in house, but flour is the way to go.

Wood Shop BBQ

Hardy, megastuffed breakfast tacos drive the brunch menu at this Central District barbecue spot, where pulled pork or brisket might find their way into a flour tortilla with some refried beans, scrambled egg, pickled red onions, and a thick and smoky salsa. This Tex-Mex taco approach might cause fans of Austin’s restrained breakfast tacos to gnash their teeth, but if those teeth ever gave these tacos a chance, the version with housemade bacon can’t help but impress.

Sunrise Tacos

More than a dozen coffee shops around town have a warming case stocked with Sunrise’s petite foil-wrapped tacos, inspired by the owner’s visits to Austin. The four types include gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian versions. If you are none of these things, the Mt. Bakon is the way to go; it’s filled with egg, a petite dice of roasted potatoes, jack and cotija cheese, and, as the name implies, bacon aplenty. Tacos come with salsa on the side; apply generously.

Bread and Bone

A newer catering operation out of Issaquah makes breakfast tacos for a handful of local coffee shops, though each of these creations are so plump of size and tight of tortilla wrap that they practically qualify as baby burritos. Inside is a whole organic heirloom baby potato, a cascade of hormone-free chorizo, Tillamook cheddar, and a wedge of scrambled cage-free eggs—definitely a mindful Northwest spin on things.

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