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Specialty of Each Ethan Stowell Restaurant, Part 2

Wherein Ethan Stowell dishes on dishes.

By Kathryn Robinson August 29, 2016

Sto ylolif

Ethan Stowell, creating specialties.

Last week we brought you the specialties of six Ethan Stowell restaurants; the dishes, he told me, “that we want to be known for.”

This week we bring you dishes Stowell deems best in the rest of his properties—including his newest restaurants.

  • Staple and Fancy: Fried oysters; grilled steak; $55 prix-fixe Chef’s Menu (“Something like 90 percent of our diners put themselves in the kitchen’s hands,” Stowell claims.)
  • Red Cow: Steak frites; burger with white cheddar, bacon, and chili aioli.
  • Bramling Cross: Pickle fries; beer clams; Bramling burger.
  • Tavolata (both Belltown and new Capitol Hill): Rigatoni with spicy sausage; semolina gnocchi alla Romana; pork chop.
  • Goldfinch Tavern: Four-or-so cuts of steak; Wagyu burger with Beecher’s and smoked onion marmalade.
  • Marine Hardware: A daurade dish; beef tartare; gnocchi.


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