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Photos via the Super Six Facebook page.

The giant diagrams of automotive innards are installed on the walls. The malasadas are stuffed with Nutella. New skylights in the vast timbered barrel roof filter daylight into the former auto body shop. Marination's newest restaurant, Super Six, is ready to roll. Doors open at 3pm today, September 10. 

Let's say this again, just for good measure: Super Six is not, strictly speaking, another Marination outpost. However it does share serious Hawaiian-Asian DNA with Marination Mobile, Station, and waterfront Ma Kai. Think of it as aloha reimagined in a Columbia City garage...with a name inspired by a 1940s-era roadster.

Ma'ono chef Mark Fuller helped create the menu, a slightly more grown-up take on the staples that originated in Marination's big blue food truck (Super Six's chef, Ryan Doran, came over from the Alexis). Kim Mahar, who made some seriously fun desserts in her days at RN74, is the opening pastry chef; Super Six's Facebook page portends some tempting parfait action

After today, Super Six will open at 7am on weeknights, and 8am Saturday and Sunday, rolling from morning coffee through lunch to happy hour (weekdays, 4–6pm) and carrying on  through dinner into later hours. Look for more details soon on the Super Six website.