Marination's Columbia City Project Shall Be Called Super Six

The business launched by a big blue truck names its latest place for a vintage car.

By Allecia Vermillion May 20, 2015

The future home of Super Six. Photo via Google Maps.

Earlier this year, Marination owners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison divulged some seriously exciting plans involving a former auto body shop, a broader menu of their signature Hawaiian-Korean fusion fare, and a goodly amount of cocktails and beer. Now Saxton and Edison have arrived on a name for their newest bar and restaurant, going into the former Esmay's Auto Rebuild garage in Columbia City.

Though it shares some DNA, this new establishment won't be a Marination. It's called Super Six, a name that at first seems random, but it's a fun backstory that nods to the building's history as a garage. 

The Super Six was a sedan made by the Hudson Motor Company (the restaurant's street address is 3714 South Hudson Street). By the time the Columbia City garage was built in 1947, these models had evolved into a slick-looking roadster. I have a guy on my speed dial who is obsessed with vintage American cars—I usually just refer to him as my dad—who tells me the Super Six wasn't the fanciest car Hudson made, but it was fast, popular, and extremely well made. Sounds about right.

If you count Marination's catering operation and commissary space, this will be the pair's sixth business venture, all rooted in the crazy-popular Marination Mobile truck that arrived in the earliest days of Seattle's street food scene and lodged kimchi fried rice and kalbi tacos firmly in Seattle's culinary consciousness. Hence Saxton and Edison refer to their newest business as Six, for short. The other businesses, if you're counting, are Marination Station, and Marination Ma Kai.

 Marination chef Angie Roberts is planning a menu rooted in Marination's flavors, but also venturing into more American, Asian, and Pacific Northwest places. Previously Saxton has described Super Six as a family friendly spot where days begin with espresso, move on to lunch, dinner, and cocktails and beer in a large adjacent beer garden. Weekend brunch is also on the agenda.

As Marination's truck Big Blue can attest, vehicles seem to be good karma for Edison and Saxton. Super Six is aiming for a fall open, but hopefully early enough in the season that we can get some use out of that beer garden.


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