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Marination's Super Six Sibling Will Arrive in September

Awww, and Ma'ono's Mark Fuller is now consulting on the menu.

By Allecia Vermillion August 12, 2015

Supersixdoor 1  zpqjaw

Team Marination sent along a few more details on Super Six, the former auto body shop in Columbia City that will soon see new life as a day-to-night restaurant with long-term plans that involve a rocking beer garden. Owners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison say their latest outpost will open in September, though as always that's subject to a million unknowns and variables.

Super Six is named in honor of a slick long-ago sedan produced by the equally long-ago Hudson Motor Company and will essentially serve a broader take on Marination Mobile's Hawaiian-Korean fusion. In a most appropriate turn of events, Ma'ono chef-owner Mark Fuller—a guy who knows a thing or two about fusing Hawaiian and Asian flavors—is consulting on the menu. Kim Mahar is the opening pastry chef, a move that might prompt cries of nepotism, except that she put out some pretty impressive desserts during her days as the pastry chef at at RN74.

Saxton and Edison also have their leadership in place: Chef Ryan Doran has been working alongside Caprial Pence at the Alexis, GM Kristian Unvericht helped open Tallulah's. Here's another rendering, just for kicks. A large beer garden is slated to arrive next summer, but hopefully the weather gods and the opening/permitting gods will align to let us enjoy a few weeks of that little patio before fall truly sets in.

Supersix patio 1  icok9v

Updated later in the day to clarify patio information and staffing. 

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