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4 Archetypal Seattle Coffee Experiences

A user's guide.

By Darren Davis Illustrations by Mike Holm August 20, 2015 Published in the September 2015 issue of Seattle Met

01 commuter yyejp6

The Commuter Pit Stop

The cattle call of business casuals rushing off to tech jobs is no excuse for a mediocre cup of coffee. Deft baristas keep lines moving while slinging quality drinks.

Where: Cherry Street Coffee House

Overheard: “If my twelve o’clock runs over, cancel my 3:45.”

Don’t Piss Off the Barista: Be decisive at the counter. 

Good to Know: Got a reusable cup? Removing the lid before handing it over is a much-appreciated gesture.

01 coffeecounter mooqzo

The Coffee Counter

The street-facing espresso counter is a distinctly Seattle phenomenon that predates the early ’90s coffee boom.

Where: Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar

Overheard: “Remember Mudhoney?”

Don’t Piss Off the Barista: FYI, not everyone loves your dog.

Good to Know: Most counters have at least a few umbrella-covered sidewalk tables that make for great people watching.  

01 readinglounge mnxh8k

The Neighborhood Reading Lounge

A city with so many independent contractors working from laptops needs plenty of these “second offices”—comfy cafes with plenty of power outlets, seating, and all-day food menus.

Where: Zoka Coffee

Overheard: “Is there a password for the Wi-Fi?”

Don’t Piss Off the Barista: By bringing in outside food.

Good to Know: It’s a classy move to purchase something new every two hours or so.

01temple ya9rbd

The Temple of Caffeine

Seattle’s coffee connoisseurs are all about the multiroaster—cafes that offer specialty brew methods and coffee from companies throughout the country.

Where: Milstead and Co.

Overheard: “I only drink coffee grown above 5,000 feet.”

Don’t Piss Off the Barista: By asking for a white chocolate mocha. 

Good to Know: Ordering a single-origin pour-over is a great way to expand your palate.

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