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Sorry, folks: The First Starbucks is nowhere near first on the list.

The rules of the game: only Starbucks inside city limits; grocery store locations don’t count.

1. Madison Park

Frequent spottings of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz; you best believe baristas bring their A game in the boss’s neighborhood store. 4000 E Madison St, Madison Park, 206-329-3736

2. Ballard Drive-Thru

Reused shipping containers, local art, and lots of signage explaining the greater Starbucksian meaning of it all. 5221 15th Ave NW, Ballard, 206-783-0322

3. Seventh and Pike

Impossible to hate on baristas who celebrate their proximity to the convention center by donning capes for Emerald City Comicon and making special Kong Frappuccinos for PAX. 1524 Seventh Ave, Downtown, 206-264-8921

4. 23rd and Jackson

Aggressive wooing by Central District organizers in the late ’90s produced a Starbucks that serves as a legit community gathering place (and this location donates a portion of each sale to the YWCA). 2300 S Jackson St, Central District, 206-726-0502

5. Columbia Tower 40th Floor

Same coffee as anywhere else, but with an amazing view. 701 Fifth Ave, Downtown, 206-264-0152

6. Century Square

Hidden from the street: a tiny counter surrounded by vaguely midcentury upholstered chairs and the best respite ever from the retail madness outside. 1501 Fourth Ave, Downtown, 206-625-1255

7. Roy Street Coffee and Tea

A Starbucks that hasn’t come out yet. 700 Broadway E, Capitol Hill, 206-325-2211

8. Olive Way

A Starbucks that came out a long time ago. 1600 E Olive Way, Capitol Hill, 206-568-5185

9. Russell Investments Center

Has its own staircase and second-floor terrace? Baller. 1301 Second Ave, Fl 2, Downtown, 206-264-0289

10. Broadway and East Pike

Old-timey charm via a century-old former bank building, plus outlets for days. 824 E Pike St, Capitol Hill, 206-329-5147

11. Every Other Airport Starbucks

Which Sea-Tac Starbucks is the fastest? Literally any one that isn’t the main terminal location. A, B, C, and N Gates, Sea-Tac

12. University Village North

Fewer flies and shorter lines than over at the main U Village location. 2650 NE 49th St, University Village, 206-522-6410

13. Northgate Way

Shockingly, the city’s only 24-hour drive-thru Starbucks. Because Northgate. 2137 Northgate Way, Lake City, 206-417-1403

14. Seattle Children’s Hospital and Kiosk

Fueling the people who save sick kids. 4800 Sand Point Way NE, Laurelhurst, 206-522-5734

15. Fourth and Seneca

Like an elegant library reading room, but with more breakfast sandwiches. 1125 Fourth Ave, Downtown, 206-623-0860

16. Terry and Republican

Sustaining overworked Amazon employees with coffee by day, wine and cheese plates by night. 442 Terry Ave N, South Lake Union, 206-467-4945

17. City University

Booths? In a Starbucks? Hell to clean, amazing to sit in. 521 Wall St, Belltown, 206-728-6581

18. 1200 Westlake Avenue 

Lake Union views, a drive-thru, and lots of parking; hidden away from the street. 1211 Dexter Ave N, Westlake, 206-216-0306

19. Eighth and Virginia

The exterior’s kinda blah, but hey—fish tank! 2001 Eighth Ave, South Lake Union, 206-467-5103

20. SoDo Lobby

Worship at the temple of the mermaid…or at least in the lobby of Starbucks corporate headquarters. 2401 Utah Ave S, Fl 1, SoDo, 206-624-9496

21. 15th Ave E

Artsy decor left over from its days as faux indie coffeehouse 15th Ave Coffee and Tea. 328 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill, 206-323-1568

22. Leschi

Scenic views of both the Lake Washington and bike short variety. 121 Lakeside Ave, Leschi, 206-720-4803

23. Fourth and Union

Majorly posh exterior (it used to be a high-end boutique). 1318 Fourth Ave, Downtown, 206-682-1139

24. University Village South

U Village’s newest Starbucks location is just as nicely turned out as the moms waiting in line. 2617 NE 46th St, University Village, 206-523-1718

25. Magnolia

Keeping Magnolia civilized since 1992. 3300 W McGraw St, Magnolia, 206-298-3390

26. Swedish Medical Center

The reason your knee surgery/baby delivery/colonoscopy went off without incident. 1101 Madison St, First Hill 206-624-0281

27. Second and Cherry

So quaint you’ll forget it was ever a Seattle’s Best outpost. 621 Second Ave, Pioneer Square, 206-682-7726

28. Fourth and Diagonal

Surprisingly mellow considering everyone is either preparing for or recovering from a trip to Costco. 4115 Fourth Ave S, SoDo, 206-381-1553

29. Columbia Center

Howard Schultz owned this store even before he purchased Starbucks; today you can light a candle under the giant portrait of him by the Clover machine. Just kidding about that last part. 701 Fifth Ave, Downtown, 206-447-9934

30. Swedish First Hill Lobby

Who needs Starbucks more than the occupants of a hospital waiting room? 747 Broadway, First Hill, 206-215-2601

31. University Way

The one down the street is prettier. 4555 University Way NE, University District, 206-634-1390

32. 1211 Dexter Ave

Quiet, efficient, underrated. The flat white of Starbucks. 1211 Dexter Ave N, Westlake, 206-283-2211

33. MLK Way and Graham

One building. Two drive-thrus. We can’t even. 6310 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, Rainier Valley, 206-725-0718

34. Greenlake

So. Many. Strollers. 7100 E Green Lake Dr N, Greenlake, 206-523-9594

35. Second and Seneca

Better than the Starbucks at Third and Seneca, not as good as the one at Fourth and Seneca. 1191 Second Ave, Downtown, 206-652-8924

36. Queen Anne

A fleet of tiny dogs; a wellspring of pumpkin spice lattes. 2135 Queen Anne Ave N, Queen Anne, 206-301-9477

37. Pacific Place

The baristas are good at remembering your name and order; even better about not making it seem creepy. 600 Pine St, Ste 25, Downtown 206-264-1607

38. 12th and Columbia

Staffed by Seattle U students who are in no position to judge your foofy drink order. 800 12th Ave, Central District, 206-329-8028

39. Lake City Way and 120th

You know what they say about stores with small parking lots and big drive-thrus. 12001 Lake City Way NE, 206-364-2490

40. Westlake and Thomas

Next to a Microsoft shuttle stop; listen to all the corporate gossip without going to Redmond. 330 Westlake Ave N, South Lake Union, 206-382-4624

41. Wedgwood

The funky layout is actually kinda good for privacy. 7303 35th Ave NE, Ravenna, 206-517-2877

42. First and Marion

Right by the overpass to the ferry, with a big piece of ferry art to prove it. 823 First Ave, Downtown, 206-340-9184

43. Phinney Ridge

The burger aroma from Red Mill distracts you from the coffee. 316 N 67th St, Phinney Ridge, 206-781-4153

44. Belltown

So this is what Belltown looks like in the daylight. 2326 First Ave, Belltown, 206-956-4322

45. University Village

Big, beautiful, and great in theory, but you can never get a seat. 4634 26th Ave NE, University Village, 206-522-5228

46. Two Union Square

The weird empty layout devolves into a Wall Street–like frenzy during the morning rush. 601 Union St, Downtown, 206-264-2534

47. Columbia City

A warm, welcoming Third Place or the beginning of the grim march toward gentrification, depending on how long you’ve lived in the neighborhood. 4824 Rainier Ave S, Columbia City, 206-721-8871

48. Main Terminal Starbucks

Crazy long lines, but at least the staff skips the patdowns and lets you leave your shoes on. Main Terminal, Sea-Tac

49. Market Street Ballard

A Starbucks that serves booze; finally you can get a drink in Ballard. 2200 NW Market St, Ballard, 206-782-2795

50. Third and Madison

Opens into lobby of the Wells Fargo Center; ATM access comes in handy when purchasing venti-size drinks. 999 Third Ave, Downtown, 206-748-0058

51. Alki Ave

Pro: Incredible water and mountain views. Con: Looks kinda sterile. 2742 Alki Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-933-6974

52. Pioneer Square

Giant windows for prime Pioneer Square people watching. 102 First Ave S, Pioneer Square, 206-382-2656

53. Pine Street

Petite like a vanilla bean scone; brisk like a grande cold brew. 515 Pine St, Downtown, 206-382-1201

54. James Tower

Invisible from the street; factor in the quaint plaza outside, and this may be the world’s most charming hospital Starbucks. 500 17th Ave, Central District, 206-325-6750

55. Third and Seneca

The revolving door at the building entrance is really heavy. 1201 Third Ave, Downtown, 206-467-3079

56. MLK Way

Very diverse: Blond white people. Brunette white people. Sometimes even a redhead. 2921 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, Central District, 206-721-1543

57. Washington Shoe Building

Essentially a waiting room for the train station. 400 Occidental Ave, Pioneer Square, 206-624-2561

58. Oak Tree

Vital fortification before navigating the giant Asian supermarket across the way. 10002 Aurora Ave N, Northgate, 206-524-6122

59. Plaza 600 Building

Aww, look at that tiny freestanding patio. 600 Stewart St, Downtown, 206-441-6898

60. Swedish Medical Center

A glorified kiosk down by the ER, but the staff handles weary surgeons and wary patients with equal aplomb. 1600 E Jefferson St, Central District, 206-368-1058

61. Wallingford

Sort of a Sharks vs. Jets vibe between the laptop jockeys and cell phone talkers. 2110 N 45th St, Wallingford, 206-548-9507

62. Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room

The great irony: The coffee geeks who can properly appreciate the small-batch beans and esoteric roasting techniques wouldn’t be caught dead in a Starbucks. 1124 Pike St, Capitol Hill, 206-624-0173

Starbucks reserve roastery and tasting room entry seating boxuwl

Inside the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room 

63. 130th and Aurora

Freestanding, drive-thru, ample parking—are we still in the city? 13025 Aurora Ave N, Bitter Lake, 206-368-9366

64. Second and Lenora

Spend hours using the Wi-Fi, nurse a small tea, and feel not one shred of guilt about dampening the day’s profits. Try doing that at an independent coffee shop. 211 Lenora St, Belltown, 206-441-1388

65. 505 Union Station

Wi-Fi leeches meet Bolt Bus riders meet crazy stadium crowds. 505 Fifth Ave S, International District, 206-381-8965

66. Interbay

No parking spots? In Interbay?? 1607 W Dravus St, Interbay, 206-285-6230

67. Capitol Hill

Not nearly as cool as the 10 other nearby Starbucks locations 434 Broadway E, Capitol Hill, 206-323-7888

68. First and Walker

Big Brother is watching you. Oh, wait, that’s just the giant mermaid on top of corporate headquarters, just two blocks away. 1962 First Ave S, SoDo, 206-624-6045

69. Admiral Way

Super family friendly. Which is another way of saying you’ll never get any work done. 4101 SW Admiral Way, West Seattle, 206-937-5010

70. Corson and Michigan

Georgetown is gritty. That means it only has one Starbucks and it’s not even cute. 5963 Corson Ave S, Georgetown, 206-762-4671

71. Northwest Hospital and Medical Center

Yup. It’s a Starbucks. In a hospital lobby. 1550 N 115th St, Northgate, 206-368-1058

72. Fourth and Blanchard

Blink and you’ll miss it. 2101 Fourth Ave, Ste 150, Belltown, 206-728-0883

73. 83rd and Aurora

The drive-thru gets most of the attention; bring a book if you’re ordering inside. 8301 Aurora Ave N, Greenwood, 206-782-2478

74. Seattle Municipal Building

One of four Starbucks you can visit in three separate skyscrapers without ever going outside. 700 Fifth Ave, Fl 4, Downtown 206-622-5789

75. Northgate

Two-hour parking suboptimal for laptop squatting. 540 NE Northgate Way, Northgate, 206-367-6651

76. University Way

Basically UW study hall. 4147 University Way NE, University District, 206-547-3280

77. Elliott Avenue Drive Thru

The drive-thru is on the exact right side of the street…for the evening commute. 1144 Elliott Ave W, Queen Anne, 206-283-9629

78. Second and Madison

The weird layout makes it hard to tell who’s ordering and who’s waiting. 1000 Second Ave, Downtown, 206-382-1688

79. Roosevelt Square

Populated by high schoolers, thus the whir of the Frappuccino blenders is incessant. 6417 Roosevelt Way NE, Roosevelt, 206-526-7230

80. Madison and Boren

Not to be confused with the other grim-exteriored Swedish-serving location two blocks away. 1301 Madison St, First Hill, 206-254-1336

81. Fifth and Columbia

One Starbucks with just a few measly seats for a 42-floor building? Doesn’t this city have zoning laws? 800 Fifth Ave, Downtown, 206-623-3425

82. 35th and Fauntleroy

No seating; had to work on our Mike and Molly fan fiction at McDonald’s. 4408 Fauntleroy Way SW, West Seattle, 206-932-4230

83. Westlake and Denny

Hit up Whole Foods afterward and complete the white lady in yoga pants stereotype. 2200 Westlake Ave, South Lake Union, 206-223-2173

84. Sixth and Union

Inexplicably in the same building as another Starbucks and a Starbucks kiosk. 1420 Fifth Ave, Downtown, 206-381-3743

85. Eastlake

View Lake Union waterfowl, chipmunks, and biotech workers in their natural habitat. 2344 Eastlake Ave, Eastlake, 206-324-5144

86. Fremont

Took over a former Peet’s location…just in case anybody forgets who’s boss. 3401 Fremont Ave N, Fremont, 206-633-3706

87. 1700 Seventh Ave

Fisticuffs required to get a seat with an outlet. 700 Seventh Ave, Downtown, 206-382-0636 

88. Pre-Security Airport Starbucks

Got suckered into picking someone up at the airport, and now he’s running late. Central Terminal, Sea-Tac

89. 145th and Lake City Way

If you drive a Prius, possess precision parking skills, and love crowds, get ready for your new favorite Starbucks. 14330 Lake City Way NE, Lake City, 206-440-3366

90. US Bank Centre

A tiny cafe and an even tinier kiosk…maybe 30 yards apart. 1420 Fifth Ave, Downtown, 206-467-0972

91. 145th and 15th

We’ll never again darken its door after the great name-­misspelling incident of aught nine. 14359 15th Ave NE, Northgate, 206-366-2707

92. Holman Road

A grocery store Starbucks, but with its own entrance from the parking lot. Fancy. 9999 Holman Road NW, Greenwood, 206-783-8104

93. Metropolitan Park

All the charm and bonhomie you’d expect from a massive office tower. 1730 Minor Ave, Ste 102, Downtown, 206-340-9068

94. California and Fauntleroy

You know what you did. 6501 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-938-6371

95. Seattle Center

Just like Disneyland: kids everywhere, long lines, and that dead-eyed look you get from people on vacation. 305 Harrison St, Ste 220, Lower Queen Anne, 206-728-4077

96. Pier 55

So. Many. Tourists. 1101 Alaskan Way, Downtown, 206-554-7060

97. Northgate Mall

In a food court, so not awesome. 401 NE Northgate Way, Northgate 206-306-8525

98. First and Pike

Guys. This is not the original Starbucks. 102 Pike St, Pike Place Market, 206-903-8010

99. Westwood Village

The QFC Starbucks counter next door is way faster. 9023 25th Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-937-1732

100. Westlake Center

The tourist fishbowl is made all the more hellish by a soundtrack of passing Ride the Ducks groups. 400 Pine St, Downtown, 206-652-0801

101. SoDo8

What a tease—the store on the eighth floor of Starbucks headquarters isn’t open to the public. At least proceeds go to charity. 2401 Utah Ave S, Fl 8, SoDo, 206-749-5925

102. Third and Pike

Serious bathroom passcode wariness…probably for good reason. 221 Pike St, Downtown, 206-625-5177

103. Lower Queen Anne

Close to KeyArena. We still haven’t forgiven Schultz for selling the Sonics. 425 Queen Anne Ave N, Queen Anne, 206-691-3396

104. Pike Place

Waiting in this line? You definitely aren’t from around here. 1912 Pike Pl, Pike Place Market, 206-448-8762

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