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A Pike Place Market Shopping Crawl

Yes, locals do buy stuff here.

By Allecia Vermillion August 20, 2015 Published in the September 2015 issue of Seattle Met

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The specialty grocery peddles the best possible version of whatever you need. It’s hard to find a better collection of locally made sauces, sweets, and pantry products. delaurenti.com

Pike and Western Wine Shop 

Expect a tailored selection of Washington wines, along with the encyclopedic brain (and enjoyably irreverent tongue) of owner Michael Teer.  pikeandwestern.com 

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese 

Skip the crazy line for sandwiches and push your way to the cheese counter in back to pick up some squeaky house curds or petite rounds of soft-ripened Dinah’s (from Vashon Island) or Seastack (from Port Townsend). beechershandmadecheese.com

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Image: Alison Klein

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt 

No, really—it’s better than ice cream. A walkabout cup of marionberry for now, a family size tub of the tangy plain to take home and top with granola later. ellenos.com

Don and Joe’s

A not-overly-fancy butcher shop staffed by friendly dudes who can advise on matters of rib eyes and lamb racks. Few leave without a stick of pepperoni or smoked cheese. donandjoesmeats.com 

Sosio’s Fruit and Produce

Everything from pristine lettuce and marble-size potatoes to more exotic local fare like sea beans and garlic spears. Totally worth pushing past all the tourists jockeying for fruit samples. The jokes on the signage are corny but kind of sweet. sosiosproduce.com

Pure Food Fish Market

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Image: Alison Klein

Oh boy, do these guys know their salmon, though their expertise also extends to the proper preparation of various fillets, jumbo crustaceans, raw oysters, clams, and whole fish. Customers flock to the bin of smoked salmon like it’s candy. freshseafood.com

Britt’s Pickles

Zingy fermented pickles, kimchi made with a host of vegetables, plus bottles of salty probiotic brine. If there’s an experimental item in the cooler—like kimchi made from kale or beets or cucumbers—snap it up. brittsliveculturefoods.com 

Pike Place Market Creamery

Duck eggs, goose eggs, turkey eggs, chicken eggs of various sizes and colors. Mix and match your own dozen (keep close track of what’s what for pricing purposes) and stock up on dairy items from all over, like Bulgarian buttermilk and vegan cream cheese.

Bavarian Meats

A market staple for cured meat of the German persuasion—bacon, bratwurst, lieberwurst, smoked cheddar links, blood pudding, headcheese, various types of salami. If you’re hungry, they make a damn fine Reuben. bavarianmeats.com

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