Every Friday from right about now until at least the first month of 2019 you’ll see them: Seemingly every other person on the street, on your bus, in the office dons a Seahawks jersey. Two days before game day the city’s collective fever for its Super Bowl–winning NFL team turns a fiery cobalt—everyone sheathes themselves in the navy blue nylon and spandex mesh shirts, likely emblazoned with No. 3 (quarterback Russell Wilson), or No. 12 (signifying the Hawks fan base, the 12th Man). Governor Jay Inslee even made it official in 2014, days before a playoff game that helped send the team to the first of two consecutive Super Bowls, signing a gubernatorial proclamation that decreed the last day of a January work week Seahawks Blue Friday.

Editor's Note: Updated September 14, 2018 to reflect current Seahawks players.

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