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Where to Watch the Blue Angels at Seafair This Year

A guide to the aerobatic team's long-awaited return to Seattle.

By Ann Karneus

What’s a more 'Merica way to celebrate summer than military warcrafts soaring through the sky? The Blue Angels return to Seafair for the first time since 2019, streaking over Lake Washington and Seattle to pull off impressive synchronized maneuvers. They're the most iconic—and loud—part of the Seafair festivities.

This year, the new larger and faster Boeing F/A 18 Super Hornet jets will also be on hand to wow crowds and burst eardrums. Here's some info on what to expect for a high-flying Seafair weekend.

The Blue Angels flight schedule

The air shows are August 5–7, with the Blue Angels taking to the sky from 3–4pm. Check out the full show schedule (that includes performances from the U.S. Army Golden Knights, Coast Guard, and Air Force) on the Seafair website.

Can't make the actual show? Practice flights occur Thursday, August 4, at the following times:

  • 11am–noon: #1–4 practice flight
  • Noon–2:20pm: #5–6 practice flight
  • 2:20–3:20pm: #1–6 practice flight
  • 3:20–3:30pm: Fat Albert practice flight (U.S. Navy C-130J Hercules)

Where the Blue Angels will fly

After the jets take off from Boeing Field, they'll fly over the city, but the main theatrics happen over Lake Washington.

What to know about road closures

In short, there won't be any major shutdowns. The floating bridge part of I-90 used to get shut down, but a new flight path established in 2019 moved the show farther southeast over Lake Washington. This is definitely a win for drivers trying to get between Seattle and the Eastside, but alas, also a loss for those who used to watch the show in the middle of the bridge.

Where to watch the Blue Angels for free

Be warned: Parking at any prime spot will likely be a nightmare. It’s best to harness the power of travel sans car, or come early to secure a prime spot. Here are a few viewpoints from the Seattle side:

Where to watch the Blue Angels for a fee

  • Jet Blast Bash at the Museum of Flight. On Saturday and Sunday, from 10am–4pm, the Museum of Flight turns into a full-on party with beer gardens, food, live music, and of course, the Blue Angels. Entry is included in the price of admission ($25).
  • Boeing Seafair Air Show at Genesee Park. On Saturday and Sunday, the park welcomes paying guests for a front-row seat of the jets. You’ll also have a great view of the HomeStreet Bank Cup, a series of hydroplane races throughout the weekend. A one-day adult pass is $35.
  • Seafair BBQ Cruise from Waterways Cruises. This five-and-a-half-hour cruise on Lake Union and Lake Washington brings you up close to the flight path. Tickets are $149. Who needs a date with a boat?
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