9 People You Meet While Dating in Seattle

It’s rough out there.

By Zoe Sayler

Image: Dom McKenzie

Our city’s dating scene gets a bad rap: The Great Love Debate podcast infamously ranked Seattle “the absolute worst place to find love in America” thanks to our “aggravated women” (a weird way to say feminists?) and “socially awkward men” (a reasonable way to say tech bros). Transplants frequently claim they can’t even find friends here, let alone life partners.

In reality, the odds of falling in love in Seattle are about as good as the odds of getting snow: Strangely enough, it happens all the time. You just have to deal with a lot of disappointing weekends on the way there.

And at least a few of these classic Seattle daters:

  1. Dresses so fashionably you have to confirm that they’re actually from here. (They’re definitely just visiting.)
  2. Chalk-dusted rock climber a little too eager to tell you how strong their fingers are.
  3. Came directly from their cushy desk job wearing a pair of paint-splattered Carhartt overalls.
  4. Somehow has more partners in their current polycule than you’ve had in your entire lifetime.
  5. Zero fireworks—until they mention their boat.
  6. Makes six figures at Amazon but goes to great lengths to avoid admitting it.
  7. Makes six figures at Amazon and is practically drooling on Jeff Bezos’s spheres.
  8. Wants to find love and friendship, accidentally initiates a yearslong relationship in which neither of you figures out which zone you’re in.
  9. All five members of the same DIY band in a row (aka a Seattle Bingo).
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