Nearly a year into the pandemic, old complaints about Seattle's dating scene ring petty. We're sorry we maligned you, tech bros and serial flakes—take us back? For now, we're making the best of what we've got, be it remote, distanced, or mitigated by a mask.

In This Feature:

Think Virtual Dating Always Sucks? Think Again

Sure, Zoom calls lack ambiance. But they're an antidote to a sometimes impersonal culture of hookups and expectations.

02/12/2021 By Christy Carley

Pandemic First Dates, Ranked from Safest to Scariest

If you’re already in a relationship, don’t @ us. We have to find a way to make this work.

02/12/2021 By Zoe Sayler

Inside the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Seattle Dating Apps

Wowzer, Seattle's promising dating app for dog lovers, didn't make it through Covid-19. But two other local dating apps are keeping humans connected

02/12/2021 By Zoe Sayler, Christy Carley, and Erin Wong

How to Navigate Long-Distance Love

Two Seattle-based therapists weigh in on how to meet your partner where they’re at. Emotionally, that is.

02/12/2021 By Erin Wong

Does Hollywood Think Seattle Is Sexy?

Why is a city famously bad for dating most associated with romance movies?

02/01/2021 By Stefan Milne