Love at the End of the World

My partner and I embraced non-monogamy when the pandemic shut everything down. In Seattle, we were hardly alone.

05/31/2022 By Sarah Stuteville Illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi


9 People You Meet While Dating in Seattle

Nine people singles are likely to meet in Seattle’s frigid dating scene, from the rock climber to the Amazon employee.

02/14/2022 By Zoe Sayler


Make Friendsgiving a Tradition Worth Starting

Enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with friends or chosen family this year? Here's advice to ensure the celebration goes smoothly.

11/22/2021 By Zoe Sayler

Modern Love

How to Get Married at Seattle Pride

All you need is love…and a 30-second video.

05/10/2016 By Colleen Williams


Seattle’s Secrets Are Revealed During ‘Seattle Confidential’

Ian Bell’s social theater gets locals talking about sex, crime, love, and the afterlife.

04/17/2013 By Laura Dannen


This is Your Brain on Love

Neuroscience has a lot to say about the emotion most celebrated on February 14.

01/25/2012 By James Ross Gardner

Dining Culture

New Dining Trend? PA restaurant bans babies

Are more no-kid policies on the way?

07/11/2011 By Jessica Voelker

Reporter's Notebook

Kids and Fine Dining: More Thoughts

Dale Levitski advises Seattle chefs to "be confident;" Herbfarm owner Carrie Van Dyck says it "depends on the kid."

05/05/2011 By Jessica Voelker

Wedding Wednesday

Video: Jonathan Adler Says … Part II

"Wallpaper the ceiling."

11/17/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Wedding Wednesday

Video: Jonathan Adler Says…

"The wife is always right."

11/17/2010 By Laura Cassidy

The Soft Bulletin

Dry Soda: Happymaker of Pregnant People

Your girl is thirsty and she can’t drink booze. Have a heart, will you?


Cookbook Recs

The Cookbooks of Our Lives

A cookbook with recipes that are inedible, and a value that is immeasurable.

03/19/2010 By Kathryn Robinson


150 Years of Love & Lust, Seattle-Style

20 tales of mad love, bad love, and glad love, plus 7 sex and love gurus.

01/14/2010 By Eric Scigliano