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Photography by Nate Gowdy

Wanna get married this year? Wanna get married in front of 450,000 people? Like in a month? Angel Designs Jewelry (part of Bellevue Rare Coins) is offering a chance to win a wedding right smack in the middle of the Seattle Pride Parade (Sunday, June 26). The entry process includes a 30-second video submission and the winner takes all: jewelry, “wedding attire,” hair by Rudy’s Barbershop, photos, a custom Cupcake Royale wedding cake and even a reception from Jones Soda. We sat down with Jason O’Brian, director of marketing at Bellevue Rare Coins, and asked a few questions about the contest, Seattle Pride and, of course, love.

Why did you want to run this contest, and why did you want it to take place during Pride?

We wanted to do something really fun to give back to the community and show how much we love Seattle…we could have done a wedding at any other venue or time of year but we don’t think anything says love better than Seattle Pride, where everyone matters and diversity and individualism are celebrated. Plus, the Pride Parade is the event of the summer that everyone is the most excited about...what better way to kick it off than at the Seattle party of the year that celebrates those same qualities—individualism, community, love and fun! In short, we wanted to show our Seattle pride in every sense of the word.

How many entries are you expecting?

This is the first time we’ve ever done something like this, so there’s no telling, but we hope people are excited about it. We can’t wait to see the videos of happy couples flood in.

Who are the judges and what are you really looking for in an entrant? How can an entry stand out?

The judges are comprised of a committee of Pride board members. They will choose the winner based on the couple’s alignment with Seattle Pride’s values and the uniqueness of their video entry. We didn’t want to put too many rules around this because we want to see how creative each couple can be.

What makes you passionate about this cause?

We believe in the tenets of Seattle’s Pride activities: that love is love. We thought this wedding contest would be an ideal way to demonstrate that, engage with many of Seattle’s tastemakers, and make one lucky couple’s dream come true—and ultimately give back to the community in a fun and meaningful way.