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Seattle's Best Haunted Houses and Frightful Draws

What better way to ring in the season than with some spine-tingling screams?

By Sophie Grossman and Spencer Brown

Stalker Farms masterfully leverages the ubiquity of clown phobia.

Image: Stocker Farms

Subjecting oneself to terror, in a controlled and consequence-free setting, is one of life's great joys, and one among many reasons that Halloween is, in fact, the best holiday. You can treat your brain to a tidy shot of adrenaline (or take actual shots) with the help of these Seattle-area Halloween attractions. If you're looking for more PG spooky happenings, check out our list of family-friendly events.

Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

September 30–October 1, 4–10pm | Seattle Center, $30–50

Experience the Great Pumpkin before Charlie Brown does with a several-hundred-pound pumpkin overflowing with beer. This autumnal alcohol festival stars 80-plus pumpkin beers on tap and a fierce costume competition.

Haunted History: Ghost Tours of Seattle

Through October 29, Wed–Sat | $15

The owner-operators of this Pioneer Square ghost tour emphasize their local insight and knowledge of the city’s history, examining everything from Victorian mysticism to the occult. Only for guests 16 and older.

Fashionably Undead

October 29, 8pm | MoPop, $20–28

Sentient machines have taken over MoPop to throw the party of the century. Dance the night away or see if you can find a way out from the machine’s horror-themed escape room. Compete in the costume competition to win a cash prize (jury's still out about whether the robots invested in Bitcoin).

My Haunted Forest

Through October 30 | Grand Farms, $12–45

Straddling a very thin line between LARPing, Renaissance fair, and haunted house, this forest trail at Grand Farms in Vaughn promises to be littered with grotesque medieval terrors. It warns that souls cannot survive in the utter darkness of these woods so, you know, buyer beware.

Nile Nightmares Haunted House

Through October 30, Fri–Sun | Nile Shrine Center, $25–75

One of the campier options, Nile Nightmares at Nile Shrine Center offers six haunted attractions that run the gamut of classic horror tropes—laboratory, circus, slaughterhouse, you get the idea—and three escape room puzzle games.

Stalker Farms Haunted Corn Maze

Through October 30, Fri–Sun | Stocker Farms, $28–50

Idyllic pumpkin patch by day, amygdala-tickling horror show by night. Stocker Farms transforms into a scary attraction in the dark, notable for its clown-heavy repertoire. Clown shot paintball provides opportunity to seek your revenge.

This Is Halloween

Through October 31 | The Triple Door, $37–64

Can Can Production’s adaptation of The Nightmare Before Christmas, running at the Triple Door, features a Jack Skellington who has become disenchanted with his life’s work of scaring people. An encounter with Christmas Town sets him on a new spooky path.

House of Spirits: Casa Vega

Through October 31 | DAR Rainier Chapter House, $59–115

Roam through a haunted mansion with a craft cocktail and dig into the lives of Francisco and Molly Vega. Enjoy a night of magic, tarot readings, strange roaming specters, and secret games. See if you can piece together the traumatic mystery during this two-hour theatrical experience.

Frighthouse Station

Through November 5, Thu–Sat | Freighthouse Square, $17–20

Tacoma’s iconic house of horrors implores you to leave your everyday existential dread and doomscrolling behind in favor of a much more fun sense of impending doom. Murky depths and lurking sea creatures await, with an all-new theme titled "From Beneath."

Georgetown Morgue

Through November 5, Thu–Sun and Halloween | $28–250

The Morgue distinguishes itself from other haunted houses with its world-building and theatrical panache—no rifling around, blindfolded, in bowls of cold spaghetti. A slurry of unconfirmed, sensational rumors of murder and the supernatural surrounds the building itself, which was the site of a former mortuary and crematorium.

Spirit Parlour leans hard into vintage creepy vibes.

Image: John Ulman

Spirit Parlour

Through November 20 | Cafe Nordo, $38–320

Be careful who you summon in this parlor. A theatrical haunting full of chilling tales and up-close encounters are on the menu for all ye who enter Cafe Nordo. Enjoy wine and cocktails with stories at the bottom of every glass and chills that will be hard to lose.

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