And who can name* this stunning spot?

Having just compiled the 35 Best Restaurant Experiences in Seattle for our May issue, I’m freshly steeped in the experiences that make Seattle’s dining scene so diverse and compelling. I say “experiences” because that’s what this piece means to capture: Not just places with the best food, though these are certainly represented, but places which offer moments that could only happen in this city.

Click on links to reveal the answer…after testing yourself, of course.

1.The seafood house consistently presenting the broadest daily selection of finfish and shellfish

2. Every cocktail swiller’s hands-down favorite rooftop

3. There’s no sign, you wait on the sidewalk, and the signature item always runs out if you’re not at this spot early enough.

4. What?!? An all-you-can-eat brunch that Seattle Met’s restaurant critic pronounces the very best brunch in the city?

5. Name the global cuisine Seattle does best—and the new joint that’s currently doing it best.

6. Best piece of Seattle waterfront for a restaurant

7. Seattle hotel bar most treasured by locals

8. When Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein make their Seattle show, this is the sushi bar they’ll feature.

9. A restaurant critic might have cried to learn that this idiosyncratic treasure is closing its doors at the end of September. (You still have five months!)

10. Your source in Seattle for muhammara

11. You want pasta? This place does it better than anyone else in town.

12. This Capitol Hill restaurant has “anniversary” written all over it.

 How’d you do? (*From the caption: Super tasty answer is right here.)