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Makini Howell's Plum Cafe Will Become a Vegan Ice Cream and Sweet Shop

Doughnut ice cream sandwiches, people.

By Allecia Vermillion October 2, 2014

Howell's chocolate-covered peanut butter mousse. Photo via the Plum Restaurants Facebook page.

Chef Makini Howell has built a following among vegans and omnivores alike with her Plum mini-empire. Now she's turning her spot on 15th Avenue (these days it's known as Plum Cafe) into Sugar Plum, an old school-style ice cream and sweet shop—sans animal products.

Plum Cafe will serve its last meals on October 31, says Howell, whose busy plotting details of a "grand closing bash." Sugar Plum should debut in that same space (324 15th Ave E) in early March.

And when it does, says Howell, brace yourself for vegan cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream floats, and...doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

She's got a whole line of vegan ice creams in the works, including soy-free and nut-free versions. "I like ice cream and I don't have many options for ice cream," says Howell. Even more egregious: "There's no vegan soft serve anywhere."

Though Howell obtained her Plum Burgers burger truck with the help of Kickstarter, she's funding the buildout for Sweet Plum via Community Sourced Capitol (the same route used over at Pizzeria Gabbiano and Nuflours). Buy a $50 square before October 28 and it becomes a small zero-interest loan, due back in full.

Capitol Hill Seattle blog has more details on Sugar Plum, including Howell's hopes that her food truck will continue those Fourth of July vegan barbecues.



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