Technically this is Rachael teaching a class, but I'm guessing she'll be doing a lot of this in the days leading up to her first popup. Photo via Book Larder's Facebook page.

The lovely Rachael Coyle—formerly head pastry chef at Le Pichet—has been teaching tons of classes at Book Larder while working toward opening her own brick-and-mortar bakeshop. The specifics of which are still up in the air, but what is certain is the new popup she’s putting on the first Saturday of every month.

Starting May 4, Coyle is turning Book Larder into a monthly destination for croissants, sticky toffee pudding, cream puffs, or if you like your baked goods with a modicum of nutritional value, a maple-pecan granola. She will be at the Fremont culinary bookstore from 9 to noon and promises more than 20 items that will eventually be on the menu of her Coyle’s Bakeshop. Keep tabs on her popups and other vital pastry developments on the newly minted Coyle's Bakeshop Facebook page.

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