The baked goods display case at Cafe Pettirosso will have you drooling from delight. Photo via Facebook.


The Whale Wins
Hello, hello: Renee Erickson's third restaurant is now open at the Fremont Collective. Sharing an entrance with the newly debuted Joule, The Whale Wins has a sleek, white-grey-blue hued design and an illuminated ceiling installation that spells "Hello" in two directions. The menu is divided between "Pantry" and "Oven" sections, and many options come in smaller and larger versions for sharing. 

Meander's Kitchen
White Center Now reports that the popular diner's move to White Center has gone well and the new location is currently doing a soft open on weekends. Seating capacity will be twice of the original shop, and the breakfast is available all day.

Eltana: Wallingford
The wildly popular, wood-fired bagelry has a new location at 3920 Stone Way N, on the border of Fremont and Wallingford. Owner Stephen Brown says the new location, complete with a communal table and an ever-changing interactive art installation, has the same menu and similar feel to the original Capitol Hill store. A patio is in the works for 2013, but bagelphiles can enjoy the 30 covered parking spaces until then.

Pagliacci Pizza: Madison Park
Madison Park residents can now get their Pagliacci fix close to home: the pizza parlor and delivery chain has opened its newest location at 3015 E Madison Street (sorry, you missed the free pizza). The company's 24th location is its first LEED-certified structure and, according to Madison Park Blogger, will feature a children's area, a "toss table," and seating for 30.

Elemental Wood-Fired Pizza
College students and mommies rejoice: a new pizza place has come to University Village—and it's backed by Blue C Sushi and Boom Noodle duo Steve Rosen and James Allard. In the space formerly occupied by Grace Kitchen, Elemental features a menu of classic and house-devised twelve-inch pies, two wood-fired ovens, an open kitchen space, and a new bar area.


More BevMo!
The neighborhood specialty beverage chain has announced four new locations in Washington: Bellevue, Northgate, Bellingham, and Ballard. The Bellevue location opens November 9, Northgate happens later this November, while the Bellingham and Ballard stores don't yet have an opening date. Here's how the California-based chain stacks up against some of the other liquor superstores.

Named after Bastille chef Jason Stoneburner, this new project from James Weimann and Deming Maclise will focus on seasonal, handmade pizzas and pastas, a "Northwest restuarant with Italian techniques." In a shocking turn of events, the chef will be...Jason Stoneburner. He and Bastille wine director and general manager James Lechner will be partners in Stoneburner, splitting their time between Bastille and the new place. 


Chef Phil Collins arrived at the Belltown supper club to make over the menu earlier this month. Now the alum of New York's Artisanal restaurant is no longer in the kitchen, and says he hopes to work on a project of his own.


Farmers market staple juicers Kari Brunson and Brandin Myett are gearing up to set up a "shop-in-shop" at La Bête November 8. The duo will be stationed at the bar from 7am to 1pm on Thursdays and Fridays, creating fresh-pressed juice concoctions. Myett will also work the bar on weekends from 10–3 with juice cocktails to complement La Bête's new brunch


Cafe Pettirosso
After almost a year of being closed the 11th Avenue cafe has been overhauled and expanded, slated to reopen next Tuesday. CHS reports that sisters Miki and Yuki Sodos of Belltown's Bang Bang Cafe have been reshaping the menu and space: expect a lengthy cocktail list, new dining areas, a new front counter, and a wide selection of vegan entrees alongside the regular fare.  


La Bodega
Sad news for sandwich lovers: Manuel Alfau's Domincan-style sandwich shop has been set back due to a problem with the potential Pioneer Square space he had his eye on. Alfau says he rather take a little longer find the right place, and is open to other neighborhoods. Let's hope we get those roasted pork shoulder sandwiches topped with pickled cabbage, mayo, and cilantro soon.


The Funhouse 
The Seattle Times has posted a photostory tribute to The Funhouse, which closed on Halloween.  The punk rock club and dive bar will be demolished to make way for an apartment building. The Funhouse opened in 2003, but the space has been a bar for more than 60 years. Owner Brian Foss is currently looking for a new location "to sell booze and have music" according to Foss' wife Cyndi Goodman.

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