Image: Eltana

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Bite beyond the crust, and you’ll find the true difference between Eltana’s bagels and most Seattle joints’ confections is the texture. Chewier and denser (a result of hand-rolling, which develops the gluten) with a slightly sweet layer underneath heaps of seeds, it’s a true Montreal-style bagel. The decidedly Eastern Mediterranean leaning in toppings completes the sense that you are not in Seattle anymore, whether in this high-ceilinged Pike/Pine pitstop or its two sister locations.

Meal Times
Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch
Good to Know
Child Friendly, Takeout

Eltana: Capitol Hill

1538 12th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122
Capitol Hill  •  206-724-0660
Daily 7–4

Eltana: Wallingford

3920 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA, 98103
Daily 7–4

Eltana: Seattle Center

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA, 98109
Daily 8–4