Joule Counts Down to Its Reopening

The former Wallingford favorite will resurface in Fremont with more space, cocktails, and brunch.

By Allecia Vermillion September 6, 2012


Welcome to the future of Fremont dining.

 Now that summer has taken its official bow and pumpkin permeates the air, thoughts of the fall lineup of restaurant openings keep creeping into my mind.

The new iteration of Joule won't quite make the early September opening that owners Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi had hoped. It's looking more like the end of the month or early October, says Yang, who notes that moving into a century-old warehouse in the midst of a major transformation adds a few extra logistical challenges. However the restaurant is whipping its fans into an anticipatory frenzy with a daily social media insight about the former Wallingford gem's new space in the Fremont Collective.

Info gleaned from the Joule's first week of sharing: Joule's new home inside former warehouse, which used to house a hard hat and tool supplier, will be open seven days a week. And since the relocation forced Joule fans to go without the restaurant's popular urban barbecue series this summer, Yang and Chirchi are compensating by introducing weekend brunch. Let me repeat--weekend brunch. At Joule. Another welcome sight in the new (much larger) space will be an actual bar. The kind that makes actual cocktails. 

Artist Justin Kane Elder, the guy behind the art that adorns Yang and Chirchi's other restaurant, Revel, is playing a major role in the interior. Elder has since formed a company, Electric Coffin, with partner Patrick "Duffy" De Armas and the duo has been busy hand-screening custom wallpaper and building a 12-foot communal table.

Track the restaurant's updates on its website or Facebook page; Yang has promised to share some specific menu items in the coming days. Another reason to get excited: Joule will be nestled in along the north wall of Renee Erickson's new venture The Whale Wins. If this setup sounds familiar, it's because the guys behing the Collective are the same bunch that did the Kolstrand Building in Ballard.


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