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Neighborhood Food News: A Boozy Raffle, Thierry Rautureau on TV

Plus: A new Modernist Cuisine cookbook, liquor privitization enters the final countdown, and more.

By Brandon L. Bye May 30, 2012

An everyday cookbook from Modernist Cuisine.

On Friday the Washington liquor world shifts to privatization, and affected parties are marking the move in myriad ways. The liquor store on 23rd and Union is organizing a raffle, reports Central District News. Every $25 you spend between June 2 and June 10 gets you a ticket for the $1,000 booty.

Congrats to Thomas Prince of Metropolitan Grill, who joins the prestigious ranks of Master Sommelier. Four other Washingtonians share the distinction.

Charles Walpole of Blind Pig Bistro has announced a free-spirited happy hour called "atelier." From 5 to 6 on Sundays through Thursdays, chefs will create $5 plates designed to showcase "“more experimental, more spontaneous cooking." The special also include $5 wines and cheap beers.

Among the contestants on Bravo’s fourth season of Top Chef Masters is Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s and Luc. Rautureau will compete for the $100,000 charity-of-choice prize when the show premieres July 25.

In an attempt to reach more everyday cooks, the people behind the award-winning Modernist Cuisine have announced their next book: Modernist Cuisine At Home. Pre-order the book for $140 or wait until October 8 when it hits the brick-and-mortars.

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