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Chris Tanghe Is Washington's Newest Master Sommelier

Sixty-three people took the exam. Four passed. And after that rigorous process, answering a few questions about Washington wine was a total cakewalk.

05/28/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

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Going Fast: Taste of Tulalip's Wide World of Wine

Celebrity judges, dueling somms and the chance to taste your way around the world. It must be Taste of Tulalip.

11/05/2012 By Julie H. Case

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Stupid Question for a Sommelier: What Wine Should You Drink with Halloween Candy?

Local somms Dawn Smith and Cortney Lease recently passed the prestigious advanced sommelier exam. Which makes them highly overqualified to talk about what to drink with a fun-sized Snickers.

10/30/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

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Meet Your Master: Angelo Tavernaro

Meet the senior member of the Washington Master Sommelier quintet.

09/26/2012 By Julie H. Case

Food News Roundup

Neighborhood Food News: A Boozy Raffle, Thierry Rautureau on TV

Plus: A new Modernist Cuisine cookbook, liquor privitization enters the final countdown, and more.

05/30/2012 By Brandon L. Bye

Wine Wednesday

Washington Gets Fifth Master Sommelier

Thomas Price passes Court of Master Sommelier master exam.

05/23/2012 By Julie H. Case

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Video: Hit the Bucket

Why, and how, you should spit when wine tasting.

03/29/2012 By Julie H. Case

Wine Matters

Court of Master Sommeliers Scores One of Seattle’s Own

Shayn Bjornholm heading up prestigious education program.

10/31/2011 By Julie H. Case

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Well-Priced Wines from a Seattle Expert

This week: Esquin’s Jameson Fink.

07/06/2011 By Jessica Voelker

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A Stupid Question for a Sommelier

Seastar’s sommelier tells us when we can (and can’t) send the bottle back.


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A Stupid Question for a Sommelier

Purple’s wine expert tells us what to do with the cork.