You have until the end of April to enjoy a final meal in Joule’s cozy original digs.

Chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi have announced plans to relocate Joule from Wallingford to Fremont. While its newer sibling Revel gets a lot of glory and love these days, Joule, which the couple opened in November 2007, remains a Seattle dining gem and a go-to favorite among local food folk. Seattle Met critic Kathryn Robinson once called it the culinary equivalent of a “mousy librarian who moonlights as a secret agent”—the sedate brick exterior belies the bold continental-Korean fusion happening inside.

Joule will close its doors April 30 and reopen some time this summer at 3506 Stone Way N. The new location is part of a project called the Fremont Collective, a mix of retail and restaurant space similar in spirit (if not design) to Ballard’s Kolstrand Building. It also happens to be owned by the same people behind the Kolstrand, who also partnered with Yang and Chirchi to open Revel. So there ya go. (Hmmm one member of that trio, Chad Dale, is also a partner in Ethan Stowell’s new fast-casual enterprise. Just sayin’.)

Why the move? Joule 2.0 will be larger, with 36 seats, an open kitchen, a full bar, communal table, and outdoor seating for 20 in warmer months, which should make the restaurant’s annual series of global barbecues all the more enjoyable. The new space will presumably bring out more of Joule’s secret agent side, with a bold minimalist vibe more aligned with Revel. While the spirit of the food won’t change, Yang says in a release that the new digs will allow for more shareable and family-style menu options.

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