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Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

This week: Restaurant Zoë and St. John’s Bar and Eatery open in Capitol Hill, Ballard has a new pizza food cart, and more.

By Anne Larkin February 17, 2012

Restaurant Zoe’s new home at 14th and Union. Photo courtesy of CHS via the OPENINGS

Restaurant Zoë
Eater Seattle brings word that the former Belltown restaurant opened Wednesday in its new location. Capitol Hill Seattle blog got photos of the woodsy, cozy interior. The varied menu (from foie gras to compressed radishes) is up on the Zoë website.

St. John’s Bar and Eatery
Also in Capitol Hill, this new bar-restaurant (a place for drinking and eating) is softly open as of Wednesday.

There’s a new food cart in Ballard, says Eater Seattle, run by an ex-hotel manager/food and beverage director from the Midwest and his family, slinging pizzas under the slogan “gourmet pizza at street prices.”


Capitol Hill’s favorite bagelery is expanding to Wallingford. Capitol Hill Seattle reports that come late summer or early fall, the wood-fired bagels we be available at 40th and Stone.

TBD in Georgetown
The owner of 9LB Hammer (and Loretta’s Northwesterner) is planning a 24-hour diner next to the Georgetown bar, says Seattle Magazine. Expect lots of grilled cheese.

West Seattle Blog says that BevMo!, a chain wine and liquor store, is planning a Southcenter storefront, thanks to the new liquor legislation.

Athena’s Gyros
Another food cart goes brick-and-mortar. The gyro truck is moving into the former Zippy’s Giant Burgers space, says West Seattle Blog. The food truck will keep hawking falafel (in fact, it’ll be parked in front of the new storefront starting today) and once the restaurant is up and running, it’ll serve as a commissary for the truck.

Paddy Coyne’s
Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, the newest Paddy Coyne’s pub is slated to open at Pier 70 around March 12.


Rebekah Denn of the Seattle Times has more details on the esteemed still-pretty-new pastry chef. Baruch Ellsworth came to Seattle from San Francisco’s Benu, run by longtime French Laundry chef de cuisine Corey Lee.

Jacques Saar, former Africando Africando chef, will soon be cooking at Columbia City Somali restaurant Banadir, says The Stranger.

Madison Park Conservatory
Eater Seattle reports that author Maggie Savarino will be leaving the Conservatory, where she’s been managing front of house and bartending, and returning to consulting work.

Rob Roy
The bartending staff of this Belltown bar is shuffling around a little—Andrew Bohrer is becoming the spirits director for Vinium Importing, making room for Philip Trickey to come back to the bar.

Library Bistro and Bookstore Bar
The Alexis Hotel’s restaurant duo has a muscular new chef, David Hatfield, and a few new menu items.

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