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Mother’s Day Critic’s Picks

Take the dear lady someplace to charm her socks off

By Kathryn Robinson April 28, 2010

She’s hungry, people!

Let’s face it: Mom digs a little flirtation between courses. “I may be old and married, but I’m not blind,” she says. With disturbing frequency in fact. So trust us, as long as the food’s up to a certain baseline (Mom’s a food snob too) she wants to be taken somewhere with a little eye-candy at the door, a little sex appeal in the kitchen.

Like Tavolata or Spinasse, where the pastas are as sublime as the view of the chefs in the open kitchen.

In the “Boyish Greeting at the Door” department, one thinks immediately of the puckish Phred Westfall at Elemental @ Gasworks or the adorable Dustin Ronspies, chef and co-owner of the boutique Art of the Table. Alas, neither is open on Sunday.

Time, perhaps, to consecrate that hallowed night, Mother’s Day Eve…?

Or what of that timeless archetype, The Dashing Impresario? Like Paul MacKay at El Gaucho, or Joe Vilardi at Bis on Main in Bellevue? Table-hoppers both…and elegant ones.

If Mom likes her empresarios, ahem…younger, escort the old Cougar to MistralKitchen for a glimpse of foodie cutie William Belickis, or to good old Canlis where the young pair of third-generation owners, Mark and Brian Canlis, will fawn on cue.

Finally, anything Tom Douglas is likely to set mom’s heart a thumpin’. Because if there’s one thing Seattle’s most prolific restaurateur does well..besides crab cakes…it’s work a room full of women. Though his spokesfolks will not commit to where he’ll be that day, brunch is on deck for Etta’s Seafood, Dahlia Lounge, and Lola.

This critic prefers brunch at the latter…but the old charmer’s likely to charm your mom’s socks off at any one of ’em.

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