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Molly Wizenberg, a Seattle blogger loved far and wide, tells us about her own local food loves.

By Kristin Cordova October 27, 2009

After returning from a research trip to Paris in July 2004, Molly Wizenberg glanced down at her candied Orangettes and a blogger was born. A marriage (to Brandon Pettit, her co-owner at Delancey pizzeria in Ballard) and a best-selling book later, this Seattle tastemaker is at the top of her game.

Ingredient of the Moment / Market Stall
I’m really excited about all the apple varieties from Jerzy Boyz. They’re at the U District farmers market. A couple owns it, and they have the greatest heirloom apple varieties. I used their spy gold, which is a cross between the northern spy and the golden delicious, to make a simple, free-form apple tart.

I have this huge stack of cookbooks people have given to me or sent me review copies. It’s 15 books tall! But I’m really excited to read The Grand Central Baking Book [co-authored by Grand Central Baking Company co-owner Piper Davis]. I always really want to bake a lot when the weather gets cold. It will give me ideas for fall.

Guilty Food Pleasure
I don’t know if I believe in guilty pleasures. But I have a real weakness for Cool Ranch Doritos. If I’m on the road and need a snack, there is something about that funky confetti seasoning that I just can’t resist.

Favorite Restaurant
The restaurant I find myself thinking about most often is How to Cook a Wolf. I love the small, warm, cozy space. I just feel good there.

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