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Seattle Met's Secret Supper 2019 Is On

My favorite dining tradition returns October 7.

By Allecia Vermillion September 18, 2019

No, it's not actually Popeyes.

Seven years ago, our food and drink team decided to proclaim a restaurant of the year, a place that delivers the complete package (food, service, hopefully an inspiring dining room) and perhaps stands as a snapshot of what it means to dine out in Seattle right now.

Since then, we’ve added my favorite Seattle Met tradition, Secret Supper. It’s an honor to have readers trust us to the point where they purchase tickets to a dinner when they don’t even know where it’s being held. The morning of the event, an email tips you off, Carmen Sandiego style—last year it was a night of sake and mochi cake at Kamonegi. Before that, venison pate and other outstanding meat-driven dishes at our 2017 Restaurant of the Year, FlintCreek Cattle Co.

This year’s Secret Supper happens on Monday, October 7. Tickets are on sale now for $125. I will disclose absolutely nothing more about this meal, for fear of ruining the fun, but I will say the 2019 Restaurant of the Year debate was way more of a grapple than I expected. Chalk it up to a year of truly wonderful new restaurant arrivals. And see you, hopefully, at dinner on October 7.

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