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Friday Night Specials: October 23

Can’t decide where to eat tonight? Try Rover’s, Canlis, or Le Gourmand.

By Leah Kraus October 22, 2009

Imagine this with hearts of palm, chorizo sausage, and scallops, and you’ve got yourself a scrumptious meal at Canlis.

Dig in, Seattleites…

Rover’s (one of our favorite restaurants in town) is dishing up marinated diver sea scallops with Champagne Sabayon and Osetra caviar, $24; marinated geoduck with Asian pear salad, rice vinegar, and petite arugula for $16; and spot prawn with thumbelina carrot, matsutake, toasted marcona almond, and uni nage, $18. Don’t miss out on pastry chef Andrea Terrenzio’s dessert special: lavender panna cotta with concord grape coulis and pepper meringue, $9.

If you’re in the mood to share, try the honey-glazed, whole-roasted Muscovy duck at Canlis (another one of our faves), prepared with fennel and black pepper jam and priced at $84. We’re told it makes a wonderful first course for a party of four. Also available is Osetra caviar served with cauliflower, apple panna cotta, cauliflower couscous with dill and shallot, pickled apples, and apple vinaigrette, $30; and seared scallops, butternut squash, hearts of palm, and chorizo sausage, all flavored with garlic and paprika, $18.

Or at Le Gourmand, split a $17 salad composé comprised of organic lettuce, hazelnut vinaigrette, Italian blue plums, Mongolian red pears, roasted beets, and sautéed chanterelle mushrooms.

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