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Canlis's New Year's Eve Party Is Back—and It's a Space Prom

It's nice to know there's fun out there in the world once again. Especially when it involves lasers, a popup Pizza Planet and...UV reactants?

By Allecia Vermillion November 21, 2022

Scenes from Canlis's pre-pandemic revelries.

Image: Jana Early

Canlis’s elaborate New Year’s Eve party, a tradition that Covid throttled to the wayside, is back. This year, the venerable restaurant will mark the end of 2022 with a prom. A space prom.

Co-owner Mark Canlis promises astronauts, maybe some lasers, and “an unusual photo booth.” He also promised to halt the forces of gravity inside the restaurant so guests can float around weightless on the dance floor, but he may have been joking about that part.

Mark and brother Brian Canlis are party-throwers par excellence—they know better than to give away all the details in the works. “Our office is filled with planets,” Mark hints. “And 'UV reactants' might be a word that is important to pay attention to.” The parking lot pizza oven that was central to so many of Canlis’s pandemic reinventions will be reborn as Pizza Planet, the restaurant from Toy Story.

Elaborate festivities abound on New Year’s Eve, but the return of Canlis’s party feels like a comforting tack toward normalcy, even if you don’t score one of the $315 tickets.

Plans for space prom were actually in the works last year, but Covid’s omicron variant spiked right as the restaurant planned its announcement. Canlis later held the party for its staff, says Mark. “We’d already paid for all the DJs and everything.”

Parties of yore included feats like waterfalls cascading off the roof, temporary koi ponds, and a tattoo artist and replica of Honolulu's Chinatown in the basement. But too many antics push ticket prices into $500 territory, says Mark. Tickets go on sale on the Canlis website December 1 at 12pm (spoiler: they'll go fast). The $315 price tag includes all the food and drinks currently being planned in a series of meetings that apparently involves a stratospheric amount of dad jokes and cosmic puns.

Of course, every voyage into space is fraught with complication. Some plans for the dance floor have the Brothers Canlis testing their ceiling's ability to support safety harnesses. They're looking for someone to pull off a giant papier-mâché spaceship. Meteoric feats aside, this is a DJ dance floor party with lots of cool food and drinks—unlike your prom, punch presumably comes pre-spiked. It's the creative brainchild of a restaurant that knows its parties (and the first such outing for chef Aisha Ibrahim). It's nice to know there's fun out there in the world once again. Or, as Mark puts it, "Sometimes you just gotta get on the dance floor and let it out a little bit." 

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