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El Camión’s Scott McGinnis reveals plans for expansion, and talks lattes and roast chicken.

By Kristin Cordova October 6, 2009

Gorditas from El Camión

Scott McGinnis is about as gringo as they come. But that didn’t stop the tall, red-head SoCal native from developing a passion for a) Mexican food and b) taco trucks.

He says he decided to roll out his own El Camión trocas not for the greater foodie good, but to feed his personal need for Mexican street food classics like gorditas, tortas, and tamales. There are currently two El Camión taco trucks, McGinnis hopes to have a third mobile eatery cruising around Ballard by early 2010.

Ingredient of the Moment
It’s a toss up between garlic and chipotle, even though chipotle is getting so overused. But it’s a great spice that you can put in a lot of dishes, and the flavor always comes through.

Favorite Restaurant
It changes. Right now I like Crow in Lower Queen Anne. I love the pan-roasted chicken. I always think I’m going to try something else, but then I have to get it again.

I don’t really read cookbooks. I mean, they’re good for pictures but don’t usually have much information. But if I’m going to make something complicated I use The Herbfarm Cookbook [by former Herbfarm chef Jerry Traunfeld]. There aren’t very many pictures but there is lots of great information.

Market Stall
We live near the Ballard Farmers Market, and we go down at least once a month. It’s mostly for the atmosphere. My wife loves cheese, so we’ll sample cheeses. And my kids love Veraci Pizza.

Coffee Drink and Venue
A latte. Someone else said this already, but the best coffee is at Lighthouse. They have a big roaster in there that almost fills up the whole space. It looks ancient. You can smell the beans roasting like a block away.

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