Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Bibliophile Beverages

Where to drink and eat like the literary greats.

By Jessie Beebe February 20, 2014


Never go home when the margaritas are $5. Photo from Barrio's Facebook page.

Alcohol and authorship is a cocktail with a long and infamous tradition. And while enjoying the latest novel with copious amounts of booze might not bring you closer to the literary greats, we still think you should be able to toast to your favorite classic authors with this week's bibliophile beverages. 

Barrio Jack Kerouac was a margarita guy. According to one drinking tale, there was a sign at the White Horse Tavern in New York that read “Kerouac go home” to encourage the On the Road author to slow down on his favorite cocktail. At Barrio, no such sign exists, but there are $5 margaritas all day on Sunday and an extensive happy hour menu 3-6 daily.

The Upstairs Foremost among tragic alcoholic literary legends like the Fitzgeralds and Hunter S. Thompson is, of course, Ernest Hemingway. You can drink to his memory by ordering a “Hemingway Daiquiri.” Or, drink to witty short story writer Dorothy Parker by ordering her favorite drink, a champagne cocktail. Both drinks are $2 off during happy hour, daily from 5-8.

Oliver’s Twist Since you’re reading about happy hour, we’re assuming that you may sometimes identify Dickens’s famous orphan protagonist and his budget. Thankfully there are ways to satisfy your cocktail craving and literary inclinations with Oliver’s Twist happy hour 5-7 Monday through Thursday, 4-6 Friday and Saturday, and all Sunday evening when all cocktails are $2 off.

Toulouse Petit Known for one of the best happy hours around, Toulouse Petit is a great way to impress without drawing blood. Every day from 4-6 and 10-1 you can order Edgar Allen Poe’s prefered quencher, the Sazerac (bulleit rye, house gomme syrup, absinth, and bitters) for $8.50. That may still feel a bit steep for happy hour, but Toulouse makes it up to you with its extensive gourmet options like the $6 helix snails and duck and pork rillettes. 


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